Top 3 dog breeds without hair and smell
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Top 3 dog breeds without hair and smell

Top 3 dog breeds without hair and smell

For example, the West Highland White Terrier. Representatives of this breed are small, usually white-coated, hunting dogs bred in Scotland. They almost do not smell and do not shed. However, the owner of the West Highland has to take his pet for trimming several times a year, so that experts pluck out old hairs from the animal, thus making room for new ones.

The Basenji also does not cause problems for people with its coat. This is a small smooth-haired dog with a ring tail that will make an ideal company for an allergy sufferer: it does not smell and does not shed. Basenjis are absolutely unpretentious and do not require careful care. Sometimes you should wash them with a rubber mitt. However, there is one “but”. This breed takes a very long time to establish contact with a person, so anyone who wants a hypoallergenic friend will have to be patient. 

Finally, the Hungarian bullets. Compared to the above breeds, whose wool can sometimes be found in a scanty amount in a house or apartment, this breed does not shed at all. Their hair is dreadlocks twisted into tangles, which previously could protect them even from the attack of a wolf. Bullets do not require careful care. The only thing the owner should regularly do is cut the hair from the muzzle so that the dog can see well.

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