Maailma kiireimad koerad – 15 tõugu
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Maailma kiireimad koerad – 15 tõugu

Maailma kiireimad koerad – 15 tõugu

Levretka – 40 km/h

Päritoluriik: Itaalia

Kasv: 33 38-cm

Kaal: 2,5 - 3,6 kg

vanus umbes 14 aastat

The Italian greyhound belongs to the hunting dogs – Italian greyhounds.

This little dog, despite its size, is able to develop quite a lot of speed. The dog has developed muscles, its limbs are long and strong.

Traditionally, such dogs were used to bait hares and rabbits. On the hunt, this small dog could quickly accelerate and catch up with the beast on its own.

Greyhounds are very mobile and reckless. Today, these pets are actively involved in dog racing. Such competitions help to awaken their natural instincts in animals.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Giant Schnauzer – 45 km/h

Päritoluriik: Saksamaa

Kasv: 59 70-cm

Kaal: 32 - 35 kg

vanus 11 - 12 aastat

Giant Schnauzer is a dog that was originally used as a watchman or shepherd.

All types of cattle dogs are able to move at high speed. This feature is necessary for them in order to prevent the herd from dispersing across the field. Representatives of this breed also periodically had to drive away wolves.

The Giant Schnauzer is a powerful and muscular dog. Her limbs are strong and strong. She moves quickly and swiftly.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Deerhound – 45 km/h

Päritoluriik: Ühendkuningriik

Kasv: 71 81-cm

Kaal: 35 - 40 kg

vanus 8 - 10 aastat

Deerhound is a greyhound bred specifically for deer hunting. These dogs have a strong physique and well-developed muscles. The limbs are long and slender – ideal for fast running.

Deerhounds are born hunters. Such dogs can chase the beast for a very long time without giving any signal to the owner. As soon as the dog is on rough terrain, it instantly increases its speed and overtakes the deer, knocking the animal down. Only after the prey is caught, the dog calls his master.

Today, these dogs take part in sports such as running and coursing.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

German Shepherd – 48 km/h

Päritoluriik: Saksamaa

Kasv: 55 68-cm

Kaal: 25 - 40 kg

vanus 8 - 10 aastat

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Initially, it was used for grazing sheep. Nowadays, the dog is completely universal – it is used as a guard, guide, service dog, search engine.

Without proper training, not every dog ​​can become a record holder in running. This requires regular endurance training.

With the right training, German Shepherds can be good partners for morning runs or bike rides. Such dogs are able to cover distances up to 25 km at a time.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Border Collie – 48 km/h

Päritoluriik: Saksamaa

Kasv: 50 56-cm

Kaal: 25 - 30 kg

vanus 12 - 14 aastat

Border collies are incredibly active dogs. They literally cannot sit in one place.

The boarders have a very unusual way of running – they seem to keep their paws on the ground, while developing a very decent speed. At the same time, the tread of the animal is very quiet, so it seems that the dog is sneaking.

The ability to move quickly and instantly respond to danger is a mandatory feature of all herding dogs. When in ancient times they herded flocks, this skill helped protect sheep and cows from wolves.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Doberman – 51,5 km/h

Päritoluriik: Saksamaa

Kasv: 65 69-cm

Kaal: 30 - 40 kg

vanus kuni 14 aastat

Doberman is a dog with an athletic body type. Thanks to this feature, such a dog is able to develop very high speed. In addition, he can instantly change the direction of movement.

For fast running, this animal has everything – long, strong legs, a muscular, streamlined body. The weight of an adult is relatively small – about 40 kg, while the height at the withers can reach 69 cm.

The predominant gait for the Doberman is the gallop. The movements of such a dog are always energetic and free.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Whippet – 55 km/h

Päritoluriik: Inglismaa

Kasv: 41 50-cm

Kaal: 12,5 - 13,5 kg

vanus kuni 14 aastat

The Whippet is a small hound of English origin. Initially, these dogs were used to hunt hares and other small game. Representatives of this breed could independently catch up with a wild beast. Later, these dogs were used as rat catchers.

In modern conditions, these hounds are most often used as companions. In addition, whippets successfully participate in dog racing.

They are the fastest runners of the small breeds.

In the process of movement, the Whippet brings the front legs far forward, and the hind legs help the dog to push off well.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Russian borzoi – 58 km/h

Päritoluriik: Venemaa

Kasv: 65 80-cm

Kaal: 35 - 48 kg

vanus 10 - 12 aastat

The Russian canine greyhound is a born hunter. Its main task is to catch up with prey. Another name for this group of dogs is trapping. Russian dogs are considered record holders in races, both for short and long distances. They are hardy and energetic.

Long legs and a light, streamlined body – all this helps the dog develop very high speed. With a fairly high growth, the weight of such dogs is quite small – no more than 48 kg.

Now representatives of this breed successfully participate in dog races.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Azawak – 60 km/h

Päritoluriik: mali

Kasv: 60 74-cm

Kaal: 15 - 25 kg

vanus 10 - 12 aastat

Azawakh belongs to the ancient breeds of greyhounds. Africa is considered its homeland. Has an exotic look.

This lean dog has increased stamina and energy. Such dogs are capable of chasing their prey for hours in conditions of sweltering heat.

Their body is very light. The muscles are dry and flat. Legs are long and graceful. Azawakh movements are free and very energetic, but at the same time, almost silent. In this they are very reminiscent of the movements of animals of the wild. If such a dog moves at a gallop, then it is always springy.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Dalmatian – 60 km/h

Päritoluriik: Horvaatia

Kasv: 56 61-cm

Kaal: 32 - 42 kg

vanus kuni 14 aastat

The Dalmatian is a dog with a long history of origin. In ancient times, such animals accompanied the carriages of representatives of the nobility in order to protect their owners from the attacks of robbers. It is not surprising that the main difference between such dogs is endurance, activity and the ability to develop great speed. These dogs can be conditionally classified as running breeds.

Dalmatians have a strong and muscular body and strong limbs. The movements of these dogs are distinguished by grace and rhythm. The step is very long. In the process of running, the dog brings the front legs far forward, the hind legs perform a pushing function.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Jack Russell Terrier – 61 km/h

Päritoluriik: Inglismaa

Kasv: 25 30-cm

Kaal: 5 - 8 kg

vanus kuni 14 aastat

Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog with an elongated and strong body. These dogs are among the fastest. Despite the rather short limbs, such pets may well catch up with the car.

In ancient times, these terriers were used for burrow hunting foxes and other small animals. Nowadays, they have become excellent companions for humans. Due to their small size, these dogs can be kept in city apartments.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a very hardy and active animal. He needs a sufficient number of special toys, otherwise the dog will start to spoil things in the house.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Hungarian Vizsla – 64 km / h

Päritoluriik: Ungari

Kasv: kuni 64 cm

Kaal: kuni 27 kg

vanus 12 - 14 aastat

The Hungarian Vizsla is a hunting dog breed with excellent working qualities. She was bred as a gun dog, which is constantly next to the hunter and, if necessary, brings him prey.

Vyzhly are distinguished by increased diligence and endurance. These fast dogs will not be able to sit idle. They need regular outdoor play.

Pet movements are light and free. The gallop of such a dog is continuous. During the jump, the animal can instantly change direction.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Afghan Hound – 64 km/h

Päritoluriik: Afganistan

Kasv: 60 74-cm

Kaal: 25 - 30 kg

vanus 13 - 15 aastat

The Afghan Hound is one of the fastest dogs. That is why on a walk such a pet must be very carefully monitored. If the animal accelerates, then the person will no longer be able to catch up with it.

Due to their distinctive features, these dogs are actively used for hunting snow leopards, deer, wolves, antelopes and sheep.

According to the structure of the body, this dog is very similar to other greyhounds – it is graceful and light. With a fairly large growth, the weight of such an animal is no more than 30 kg.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Saluki – 68 km/h

Päritoluriik: Iraan

Kasv: 51 71-cm

Kaal: 20 - 30 kg

vanus kuni 16 aastat

The Saluki is a highly active hunting dog breed. They are ready to chase anything that moves. These dogs are considered to be among the fastest. It is for this reason that they must be actively monitored during a walk.

In ancient times, such animals were used to hunt various wild animals – gazelles, hares, foxes. Another name for this breed is Persian greyhounds. Salukis are known for their increased stamina.

These dogs have long and strong limbs and a very muscular body. They perform well in both short and long distances.

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Greyhound – 72 km/h

Päritoluriik: Ühendkuningriik

Kasv: 62 72-cm

Kaal: 24 - 35 kg

vanus umbes 16 aastat

The fastest dogs in the world - 15 breeds

Greyhound is considered the fastest dog. This fact is documented in the Guinness Book of Records.

Initially, these dogs were exclusively hunting, and now they are actively involved in sports such as running and coursing.

Greyhounds have a slender build and light weight. They have long and strong limbs and a muscular, lean body. Best of all, such dogs show themselves at short distances, they can hardly withstand long runs. They are not capable of chasing game for a long time on the hunt.

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