How to improve your dog’s health: basic recommendations

How to improve your dog’s health: basic recommendations

Bacteria, viruses and parasites dangerous to animals are on the alert. However, the strong immunity of the dog allows them to give them a timely rebuff. But how to strengthen it?

Your pet’s immunity: what it is and how it is formed

Immunity can be congenital and acquired, which the pet receives after having had a viral or bacterial infection. Sometimes diseases are very dangerous and can cause irreparable harm. Timely vaccination of the animal helps to reduce the risk of disease.

Innate immunity is influenced by many more factors – the ecological situation, dietary habits, living conditions, heredity, and much more.

What is colostral immunity

The baby receives colostral (maternal) immunity from the mother. It can persist in puppies up to 3 months. Together with mother’s milk, the body receives a certain amount of antibodies. They are able to protect him from those viruses from which the mother was vaccinated. Such immunity occurs in offspring only on condition that the dog was vaccinated in a timely manner and had active immunity at the time of birth.

How to support your dog’s immunity

Parasites (ticks, fleas, helminths), as well as the intake of certain medications, stresses and illnesses negatively affect the immune system. There are several ways to support the dog’s immunity, but they should be used in combination – individually they will not help or will not fully help.

  1. Complete and balanced nutrition based on the recommendations of a veterinarian (he can add vitamins and minerals to the diet). Ready-made, high-quality, complete, balanced dog foods already contain the necessary elements, but it is better to choose the right food with a specialist who knows the entire history of the pet. 

  2. Regular walks in the fresh air and a sufficient amount of physical activity. This helps to strengthen the immunity of not only the dog, but also the owner. You can walk even in bad weather.

  3. Elimination or reduction of the number of stressful situations. The calmness of the pet is the key to his health.

  4. Timely treatment of parasites and the fight against them. A veterinarian will help you choose the appropriate means for prevention and treatment.

  5. Protection of a dog from tobacco smoke. It adversely affects the health of not only humans, but also animals, so it is better to smoke away from the pet.

The methods of maintaining the dog’s immunity are the same as those of its owner – eat right, walk more, follow the daily routine, sleep better and avoid stress. Before giving your pet immune supplements, you need to get the approval of a veterinarian.

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