Koeratõud, kes armastavad ujuda
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Koeratõud, kes armastavad ujuda

  • chesapeake'i lahe retriiver

    These dogs love water! They can even be in cold water: thanks to a special oily layer, their thick coat does not allow moisture to pass through. These dogs are very active and athletic, so they should not be kept in a city apartment. - a country house is ideal for them, where they can throw out their energy.

  • Barbet

    The second name of this breed - French Water Dog, and that says it all. The first mention of this breed dates back to the XNUMXth century, when they were described as wire-haired dogs that could swim. They were used not only by hunters, but also by sailors. - these dogs helped them hunt waterfowl.

    These are very affectionate dogs that will love you just like they love water!

  • Iiri veespanjel

    This breed of dog is made for water: their coarse and curly coat repels water and keeps the skin dry while swimming. In addition, these dogs have webbed toes that help them glide through the water and swim in different temperatures and conditions.

    These spaniels are good-natured, non-aggressive and sociable, they make excellent companions.

  • Newfoundlandi

    These good-natured giants - excellent swimmers, because they were originally bred to help fishermen, as well as to provide assistance on the water. They have a large lung capacity, which allows them to swim long distances, making them ideal water rescue dogs. They are still used as lifeguards to this day.

    Newfoundlands have a wonderful temperament! They seem to be woven from kindness, patience and tranquility.

  • Inglise setter

    This breed loves to swim. - they are hardy, fast and bold. In addition, they are very smart and easily learn commands.

    These dogs become attached to their owners and can hardly endure loneliness. Therefore, you should not start such a setter if you constantly disappear at work.

  • saarmakoer

    The name of this breed speaks for itself: it is formed from the words otter – “otter” and hound – “hound”. These dogs were bred specifically to hunt the otters that killed fish in the rivers and ponds of England in the Middle Ages. Otterhounds love water and are excellent swimmers.

    These dogs are friendly, intelligent and have a calm disposition.

  • Puudel

    The name “poodle” comes from the German word Pudeln, which means “to splash”. Therefore, it is not surprising that these dogs love to spend time in the water. They have been trained to hunt waterfowl and are therefore good swimmers.

    These are very obedient and intelligent dogs that are easy to train.

  • Portugali veekoer

    This breed has been used for centuries in Portugal to drive fish into nets and retrieve lost tackle. These are excellent swimmers who simply need to spend time in the water.

    These dogs are sociable, intelligent and people-oriented. They love attention.

  • boykin spanjel

    Dogs of this breed - versatile hunters. They help to search for game both on land and in water.

    If you want to make yourself such a friend, then be prepared for active walks. And, of course, you will need to take your pet to the reservoirs so that he can swim to his heart’s content.

  • Scottish retriever

    This breed was bred specifically for hunting waterfowl. Therefore, these retrievers love the water and will never refuse to swim.

    It should be noted that these dogs are quite noisy. - they love to bark. But other than that, they are great companions.

  • Dogs that love to swim, from left to right: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Barbet, Irish Water Spaniel, Newfoundland, English Setter, Otterhound, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Boykin Spaniel, New Scotia Retriever

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