Eritumine koera silmadest: millal muretseda

Eritumine koera silmadest: millal muretseda

Discharge from the eyes of a pet is a common problem, especially in small breed dogs. Their causes range from mild transient problems such as allergies to very serious conditions such as glaucoma, which can cause blindness. Is all the discharge from the eyes of a dog normal or not?

Eritumine koera silmadest: millal muretseda

Cause of eye discharge in dogs

Tears keep the eyes healthy and provide nourishment, oxygenation and hydration to the outer layer. They also help remove impurities from the surface of the eye. In a healthy eye, tears are produced by the lacrimal glands and bathe the eye to cleanse and moisturize it, and then drain through the tear ducts located in the inner corner of the eye.

Sometimes dirt accumulates in the corner of the eye, which is the remnants of dust, debris, mucus, etc. The normal discharge from the eyes of a dog is a small amount of light brown mucus, which is usually observed in the dog’s eye in the morning immediately after waking up. At the same time, its amount should be approximately the same every day, and during the rest of the day the dog’s eyes should be clean, open and without discharge.

Pets with short muzzles and bulging eyes are at greater risk of eye disease or injury. But if a dog of any size has a change in the volume or color of the discharge, as well as swelling, punased silmad or strabismus, call your veterinarian.

What does eye discharge color mean?

Discharge from the eyes can be of the following colors and indicate a number of ailments:

  • Clear or watery discharge from the eyes. Such allocations can be caused by allergiesenvironmental irritants such as pollen or dust, foreign body in the eye, blocked tear ducts, blunt trauma to the eye, or damage to the surface of the eye. Anatomical features, such as bulging eyes in such small brahĂŒtsefaalsed tĂ”ud, like pugs and pekingese, as well as breeds with rolling eyelids, can also lead to this condition.
  • Dark red or brown spots under the eyes. These spots are often seen in pets that suffer from chronic tearing due to eye socket structure or tear duct blockage. The spots are caused by porphyrin, a compound found in tears that turns red-brown when exposed to oxygen.
  • White discharge from the dog’s eyes. They can also be caused by allergies, irritants, or anatomical features. Conjunctivitis, or inflammation of the tissues around the eye, and keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or dry eye, can also cause white discharge. As a result of keratoconjunctivitis, the dog’s lacrimal glands do not produce enough tears, leading to dry eyes and a white discharge. If the owner notices such discharge, or if the discharge is visible directly on the surface of the eye, a veterinarian should be consulted.
  • Green or yellow discharge from the eyes of a dog. They often appear as a result of a bacterial infection in the eye. Colored discharges are seen with infections, corneal ulcers, infectious keratoconjunctivitis, or infected wounds on the surface of the eye. These conditions require antibiotic treatment.

Eritumine koera silmadest: millal muretseda

When to Call Your Veterinarian

In general, if a dog has a watery, clear eye discharge for a day or two, but his eyes look normal, he doesn’t scratch them, and keeps his eyelids open, there’s probably nothing to worry about. It is worth contacting your veterinarian if the following signs are observed with watery discharge that lasts more than a few days:

  • redness of the eye/eyes;
  • swollen eye/eyes;
  • persistent rubbing of the eye/eyes;
  • squinting or blinking too much;
  • the dog dodges when trying to touch it;
  • colored discharge from the eyes.

Kuidas oma koera silmi pesta

To properly clean the pet’s eye from mucous secretions, you will need cotton balls, discs or swabs and saline. A contact lens solution or an over-the-counter eye wash solution is usually suitable.

To do this, first moisten a cotton pad with saline, and then hold it on the dog’s eyelids for a few seconds to soften the dried discharge. When they become soft, carefully wipe off the crusts with a cotton pad.

If the dog’s eye is stuck together, you may have to repeat the procedure several times to remove any dried crusts. You can also first apply a warm, damp cloth to your pet’s eyes to soften them. If your dog doesn’t like having his eyes washed, you can distract him.

If suspicious discharge is found in the eyes of a pet, it is better to immediately contact a veterinarian. Although in many cases discharge from the eyes of dogs is not a serious problem, sometimes it can lead to blindness if the problem is not promptly corrected by a veterinarian.

To help small breeds with chronic red-brown tear spots around the eyes, several nutritional supplements and cleaning wipes have been specifically developed to address these issues.

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