Cats need proper nutrition to stay healthy

Cats need proper nutrition to stay healthy

Cats are amazing pets. They are clean in nature and do not require constant attention. Apart from the cat hair on your upholstered furniture, they leave no dirt behind. Cats are usually quiet and don’t demand anything – well, other than to be fed.

A cat can take care of its appearance to a certain extent, however, when it comes to nutrition, the owner should take care of the right choice of diet. Cat diets are something Hill’s takes very seriously. The cat needs to be provided with a natural diet that contains enough nutrients to meet her daily needs.

If your kitten is not eating properly, you will know about it. He will be less energetic and his coat will not look as healthy and shiny as it should. To ensure that the diet is optimally suited to your pet’s nutritional needs, you can choose from a variety of specially designed Hills diets.

Food that does not provide proper nutrition for the cat

Cat nutrition should be the primary concern of all cat owners. There are diets that do not provide proper nutrition, and at any cost they should not be preferred. Avoid foods that contain a lot of fillers. These fillers increase the bulk of the feed but have no nutritional value. Many cheap cat foods sold in supermarkets contain a high percentage of fillers.

The most common filler in these cat foods are starches. Also, you should not buy food containing a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. They will not bring any benefit to the cat and can quickly lead to the development of obesity.

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