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Each dog owner, answering the question of which breed is the best, is likely to name the one to which his pet belongs. After all, for him, he will always be the smartest and most beautiful. Even a dog without a breed can be many times smarter and more beautiful than the most titled relatives. But, when it comes to ratings, alas, all titles go to thoroughbred pets.

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The Spitz and the Maltese are contending for the title of “Best Breed of Small Dogs”. Both breeds are distinguished by beautiful hair and aristocratic character. By the way, both the Spitz and the Maltese were favorites of the royal families.

Among large dogs, greyhounds, sharpei and, of course, huskies stand out with an interesting exterior. It is impossible to resist the gaze of this Siberian handsome man! A decorative wolf is able to win the heart of anyone.

The charm of Shar-Pei lies in its numerous folds and sad glance from under the brows. By the way, folds are not only a virtue, but also a complexity of the breed. They must be properly cared for.

Finally, greyhounds have long been recognized in Russia as one of the most beautiful dogs. A couple of centuries ago, a greyhound puppy was considered a valuable and very expensive gift. However, even today, fans of the breed are confident in the special and exceptional beauty of their pets.

The cleverest

One of the most famous studies of the mental abilities of various dog breeds is Dr. Stanley Coren’s book “The Intelligence of Dogs”. His methodology is based on the dog’s ability to understand the command and carry it out. At the same time, the study did not take into account the creative abilities and the level of obedience of the animal. Therefore, the results of many breeds turned out to be much worse than they really are.

However, according to a study by Dr. Coren, the border collie is recognized as the smartest dog. Active, purposeful and insightful, she rightfully can proudly bear this title. By the way, the most famous border collie named Rico knew more than 200 words and had an intelligence at the level of a small child.

The best breeds of large dogs in this nomination are the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever, which, by the way, is quite expected. Representatives of these breeds are constantly in the service of man and help save people every day.

Best Family Companions

When choosing a dog for a family, not only the beautiful appearance and intelligence of the pet are important, but also certain qualities of his character. Family companion dogs are distinguished by loyalty to children, devotion and affection to all family members without exception, soft and docile nature.

In this nomination, the best dog breeds are as follows: French Bulldog, Labrador Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and Irish Setter. These dogs will gladly spend evenings in the company of a large family, basking in affection and everyone’s attention.

The best guard breeds

Often a dog is bought not only as a companion, but also for official purposes. So, the best dog breeds for protection are, of course, shepherd dogs. German, Caucasian or Asian – all of them will be happy to guard a private house and will never let their owner down. And for living in an apartment with the role of a security guard, a Rottweiler, Doberman and Boxer will perfectly cope. But be careful: only a professional can train such a pet! If you do not have the relevant skills, contact a specialist. He will help to properly educate the animal.

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