Halb hingeõhk koeral: põhjused ja ravi

Halb hingeõhk koeral: põhjused ja ravi

Strong dog breath is not necessarily an attribute of each of them – rather, it can be a sign of minor or serious health problems. By finding out the cause, you can fix the problem and enjoy puppy kisses with great pleasure.

Unpleasant smell from the mouth of a dog: its occurrence and causes

A very strong smell from the mouth of a dog is usually caused by bacteria living in the oral cavity. This condition can occur periodically in all mammals. People wake up, brush their teeth, rinse their mouths with a special mouthwash, and in most cases, they manage to mask the bad smell for the rest of the day. However, not every owner brushes his dog’s teeth in the morning, and when the pet’s breathing becomes completely unbearable, the question involuntarily arises of what actions can be taken to eliminate the problem.

Halb hingeõhk koeral: põhjused ja ravi

If your dog has a smell of pasture, it could be a sign of a health problem. In this case, the first thing to do is take your four-legged friend to the veterinarian and let him examine the animal’s teeth. If the specialist detects significant accumulations of tartar, redness and irritation of the gums, or excessive salivation, this may signal more serious dental diseases, such as gingivitis. Systemic diseases, such as diabetes, liver or kidney disease, can also be the cause of the problem, notes the American Kennel Club.

At the appointment with the veterinarian, you can discuss food and treats for your pet. While some toys and treats offer dental health benefits, not all breeds respond to them in the same way. In fact, in some of them, certain types of treats and toys, on the contrary, can lead to worse mouth odor or excessive salivation. 

One such example is rawhide chewing bones. Many buy them for their dogs without realizing that they may be using the wrong size or giving them too often, the ASPCA explains. Only your pet’s veterinarian knows what dental treats, chews, and food are essential for their oral health. There are many daily oral care foods that clean your dog’s teeth while chewing. In some cases, when the problem is caused by a disease of the oral cavity, a specialist may prescribe medicated food for the pet. They are designed specifically to get rid of bad breath and improve oral health.

How to get rid of bad breath in dogs

After the veterinarian determines the causes of bad breath in the dog’s mouth, he will suggest treatment and prescribe medication. It is important to follow package instructions and ASPCA recommendations. If your dog needs to brush his teeth, you should pet and interact with your four-legged friend first, instead of getting annoyed and making the dog nervous. Do not use human toothpaste to brush your pet’s teeth. There are many animal-approved oral care products on the market.

Finally, if your dog doesn’t have dental problems but has occasional bad breath, you may need to pay closer attention to what he eats. Certain foods or treats can cause digestive upset resulting in a strong mouth odor. 

In addition, dogs are curious creatures with far fewer taste buds than humans. They often try to taste objects that have a strong smell, including dead fauna, garbage, and even their own excrement.

A good deep cleaning of the teeth can be beneficial for your dog. Such procedures are carried out by veterinary specialists under local anesthesia, so the appointment must be given by a doctor.

Proper care of the dog, both external and internal, is very important. Developing and consistently implementing a healthy eating plan and a pet dental care regimen will help improve your pet’s well-being and eliminate bad breath so you can enjoy hugging and kissing your dog again without feeling like you’re about to faint from his breath.

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