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amazone à spalle gialle

Yellow-shouldered Amazon (Amazona barbadensis)



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amazone à spalle gialle

In photo: yellow-shouldered amazon. Photo:

Appearance of the Yellow-shouldered Amazon

The Yellow-shouldered Amazon is a short-tailed parrot with a body length of about 33 cm and a weight of about 270 grams. Both male and female Yellow-shouldered Amazons are colored the same. The main body color is green. Large feathers have a dark border. There is a yellow spot on the forehead and around the eyes, whitish feathers on the forehead. The throat at the base is colored yellow, which then turns into blue. The thighs and wing fold are also yellow. The flight feathers in the wings are red, turning into blue. The beak is flesh-colored. Periorbital ring glabrous and grey. The eyes are red-orange.

Yellow-shouldered Amazon lifespan cù cura curretta - circa 50 - 60 anni.

Habitat and life in nature yellow-shouldered Amazon

The yellow-shouldered Amazon lives in a small area of ​​Venezuela and the islands of Blanquilla, Margarita and Bonaire. Found in Curacao and the Netherlands Antilles.

The species suffers from loss of natural habitats, poaching and hunting due to attacks on crops.

Yellow-shouldered Amazon prefers plains with thickets of cacti, thorns, around mangroves. And also close to agricultural land. Usually they keep heights up to 450 meters above sea level, but, possibly, they can rise even higher.

Yellow-shouldered Amazons feed on various seeds, fruits, berries, flowers, nectar, and cactus fruits. Among other things, they visit mango, avocado and corn plantations.

Usually yellow-shouldered Amazons keep in pairs, small family groups, but sometimes they stray into flocks of up to 100 individuals.

amazone à spalle gialle

Na photo: jeltoplechie amazon. Photo:

Reproduction of yellow-shouldered Amazons

Yellow-shouldered Amazons nest in hollows and cavities of trees or in rocky voids.

The nesting season is March-September, sometimes October. In the laying of the yellow-shouldered Amazon, there are usually 2-3 eggs, which the female incubates for 26 days.

Yellow-shouldered Amazon chicks leave the nest at about 9 weeks old, but can stay close to their parents for a long time.

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