Amazone à pettu di vinu
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Amazone à pettu di vinu

Wine-breasted Amazon (Amazona vinacea)



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Amazone à pettu di vinu

In the photo: a wine-breasted Amazon. Photo:

Appearance of the wine-breasted Amazon

The wine-breasted Amazon is a short-tailed parrot with a body length of about 30 cm and a weight of up to 370 g. Birds of both sexes are colored the same. The main body color is green. There is a red spot in the cere area. The neck, chest and belly of the wine-breasted Amazon have a blurry burgundy color, the feathers have a dark border. The neck is bordered with a bluish color around. Red long spots on the shoulders. The beak is quite powerful, red. Periorbital ring grey. The eyes are orange-brown. Paws are grey. This is the only species among all Amazons that has a red beak.

Lifespan of a wine-breasted Amazon cù cura curretta - circa 50 anni.

Habitat and life in nature of the wine-breasted Amazon 

The wine-breasted Amazon lives in the southeastern part of Brazil and Paraguay, as well as in the northeast of Argentina. The world population of wild birds is 1000 – 2500 individuals. The species is threatened with extinction due to the destruction of their natural habitats. Birds compete with each other for nesting sites. In addition, they are caught from nature for subsequent resale.

They live at an altitude of 1200 to 2000 meters above sea level in tropical and subtropical evergreen mixed forests. In Brazil, coastal forests are kept.

In the diet of wine-breasted Amazons, flowers, fruits, various seeds, sometimes visit agricultural lands, but do not cause damage to crops.

Wine-breasted Amazons are kept mainly in pairs or small flocks of up to 30 individuals.

Amazone à pettu di vinu

In the photo: a wine-breasted Amazon. Photo:

Reproduction of the wine-breasted Amazon

The nesting period of the wine-breasted Amazon falls on September – January. They nest in large tree cavities, but may occasionally nest in rocks. Clutch contains 3-4 eggs.

The female incubates the clutch for about 28 days.

Chicks of the wine-breasted Amazon leave the nest at the age of 7 – 9 weeks.

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