What to give a parrot for the New Year?

What to give a parrot for the New Year?

How nice it is to give gifts to your loved ones! And not only to close people, but also to four-legged, scaly or feathered friends. Let’s discuss what you can buy parrots for the New Year. 

It is very important that the gift to the parrot be useful, safe and bring him a lot of positive emotions. We are happy to share with you great gift ideas for your birds! 

1. Treats. This is the first thing that comes to mind when you think that you can give a parrot for the New Year. Without What to give a parrot for the New Year?yummy and a holiday is not a holiday! On the eve of the holiday, buy, for example, apple biscuits from Fiory. Also check out Versele-Laga’s Nut and Honey Treat – a delicious vitamin cocktail that no feathered pet can resist!

2. Quality food. Even without holidays, every parrot should have it. But if your pet has nutritional deficiencies, give him a gift and purchase better food (Fiory, Versele-Laga). Who doesn’t love a tasty and healthy meal? 

Be sure to consider the size of the parrot when buying food, this is important. The composition of mixtures for small, medium and large birds differs in calories and ingredients. So, for small parrots, millet is the basis of the diet, and for medium and large ones, nuts, sunflower seeds, pieces of fruit.

3. Cell. If the parrot has a small house, then the New Year is a wonderful occasion to improve the living conditions of the bird. Such a gift cannot be called budgetary, but a high-quality and spacious cage will serve you for several years and will definitely make your pet’s life happier. The main thing is to choose a cage according to the size of your pet!

Try not to take round cages, birds lose their orientation in them and can feel excitement. The best option is a rectangular house. There should be no gratings at the bottom of the cage, so as not to make it difficult for the parrot to move around the home. 

The cage material should be environmentally friendly, without paint on the twigs, and easy to clean. Make sure that the cage does not have sharp bulges, otherwise the parrot may get hurt on them. 

4. New perches. A wide variety of options for every taste can be found in any pet store. You will see, the bird will be happy to sit on the new perches. 

    What to give a parrot for the New Year?

5. Koposhilka. It is a container where various twigs are placed, you can throw some food and dry fruits. You can be sure that the parrot is carried away for a long time! In the wild, parrots look for food in this way – they get it in the thickets, dig and dig. 

6. Swings, ladders, ropes. In general, everything that makes the stay of a parrot in a cage not boring and fun. The more different devices there are, the more interesting it will be for both the parrot and you, watching your feathered pet.

7. Mirror. Lonely parrots especially need a mirror – it replaces their relative. With a mirror, the bird develops its communication skills.

8. Fruit holder. Eating fruit from a skewer or a special clip is much more interesting than getting pieces out of a bowl! From ordinary food, the fruit turns into an exciting toy that will interest any parrot. Such accessories are especially suitable for those birds that do not eat fruits and vegetables well and ignore them in the bowl.

9. Toys, rattles, bells. The assortment of pet stores is rich in various toys for birds – choose according to your taste and color! But it is much more pleasant to make a new toy for a feathered pet yourself and put it under the Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve.

 There are a huge number of instructions on the Internet for creating any toys. But remember that the toy must be:

  • safe, i.e. it does not have protruding threads, sharp edges, small and loose parts, traces of glue, toxic materials;
  • suitable: what will be the size of a lovebird or budgerigar will be small for a gray or macaw – large birds can swallow small parts and get injured. And it will be inconvenient for “kids” to play with very large toys;
  • interesting: pay attention to what kind of toys your friend likes the most, and make just such a toy. 

10. If you still have one parrot, maybe it’s time to think about replenishing? 

The main gift that you can give your parrot is, of course, your love and care. But if you want to make your pet happy and give him a piece of the holiday, use our tips! Happy New Year to you and your pets! 


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