Chì nutriscia un cucciolo?
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Chì nutriscia un cucciolo?

Chì nutriscia un cucciolo?

From two to four months, the puppy should be fed four to five times a day, gradually accustoming him to three meals a day after he reaches at least six months. Closer to the year the dog should eat twice a day. It is important to remember that food familiar to humans is not suitable for animals – sometimes it can be harmful to the pet’s health due to imbalance.

Dieta equilibrata

The needs of puppies for their full development have been studied in detail by scientists, so special puppy food has a high-quality composition with a fixed amount of useful substances.

The presence of vitamins and minerals in the puppy’s diet is essential. It is a fundamental factor in the growth of a healthy animal. The lack of essential vitamins leads to problems with the development of the dog, so it is better not to take risks and give the animal ready-made diets that contain all the elements it needs.

Ready-made puppy food is produced by manufacturers such as Pedigree, Royal Canin, Pro Plan, Acana.

Reguli di alimentazione:

  • Avoid overfeeding. Overeating does not contribute to the creation of a large energy reserve in the puppy;

  • Limited feeding time. For one feeding, the puppy is given 15-20 minutes. Strictness in this matter will teach the puppy not to stretch the time of feeding and not to leave food in the bowl;

  • Missed meals are not made up. The next time they give the same amount of food as usual;

  • Fresh water should always be in a bowl.

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