What is the name of the amadin?

What is the name of the amadin?

Amadin is a sonorous, cheerful bird with an inimitable color. I don’t want to call such a pet “Kesh” at all. But what you really want is to choose an original name that would reflect the individuality and perky nature of the pet. Look for it on our list!

What should be the name for the amadin?

Choosing a name is a difficult task when it comes to talking parrots. It should contain hissing and lingering – “and”, “e”, but it is better to avoid whistling and sonatas. All this is necessary so that the parrot can more easily get used to its name and learn how to pronounce it.

Finches are naturally very vocal and sociable birds, but they communicate in their own language and do not repeat human words like parrots. Therefore, there are no instructions for choosing a name for the Amadin. You can choose absolutely any name. The main thing is that it brings you and your family positive emotions, so that you enjoy pronouncing it. Then the bird will love it too!  

What is the name of the amadin?

100 names for finches

Amadins came to us from hot countries. In the wild, these birds are common in South and Southwest Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Somalia. If you love the sun, feel free to choose a “hot” name. It will correlate with the origin of your pet and will cheer you up on any, the most rainy day. How do you like the options?

  • S'o

  • Banana

  • Jungle

  • suchju

  • Zebra

  • Prigiuneru

  • n

  • Congo

  • kiwi

  • di leone

  • Mango

  • Neil

  • in Islanda

  • Palm

  • Sunrise

  • Sunset

  • Safari

In second place are affectionate, affectionate names. They seem to set us up in advance on a wave of love and tenderness for a pet. It is impossible to address the bird “Kroshik” and not smile!

  • Puericultura

  • Kiša

  • Kitty

  • Krosik

  • Pupa

  • Share 

  • Lyalya

  • Puzik 

  • Pesci

  • Tsipa.

But the ideal nicknames for natural sweets: 

  • bagel
  • U melone

  • Marshmallow

  • Torta

  • Dolcezza

  • Candy

  • ciambella 

  • Snickers

  • twix

  • Chupi / Chups

  • Choco / Chocolate

  • Torta

  • Biscuit

  • Bigné

  • Korzhik

  • Marmellata

  • Sugar

  • Maršmellou

  • Muffin

  • Croissant

  • Yuppie.

Let’s add “sharp” names:

  • Wasabi

  • Mustard

  • Chile

  • Curry.

Or maybe name a pet in honor of a famous person: writer, director, favorite hero of books or movies?

  • Assol

  • paisolu

  • Harry

  • Juliet

  • Carmen

  • Oscar

  • Ricci 

  • Tarantinu

  • Faust

  • Figaro

  • casa

  • Sherlock

  • Skywalker

  • Dart

  • Cleopatra.  

What is the name of the amadin?

Now the “superhero” category:

  • America/Americus

  • Blade

  • Batman

  • Gamora

  • Groot

  • Drax

  • X

  • Signore

  • Marvel

  • Spider

  • Thor

  • Flash

  • Hulk.

And finally. Ideal names for a bird if you have a small child at home: 

  • Vinny

  • Pooh

  • Pikabu

  • Krosh

  • Fiuritura

  • Piuvia

  • Star

  • Pinguy

  • Pikachu

  • Luntik

  • chi-chi

  • Ko-Ko

  • Maus

  • A Little Mermaid

  • Tsipa

  • pucci

  • Varmint

  • Smesharik

  • Mouse

  • Dandelion

  • Smiley face.

Friends, tell us which names do you like? Maybe our list has inspired you with other ideas? 

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