Levkoy ucrainu
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Levkoy ucrainu

Characteristics of Ukrainian Levkoy

Paese di origineUccrainia
Tipu di lanacalva
Lu cùrminifinu à 30 cm
Peso4-6 kg
Age10-14 anni
Ukrainian Levkoy Characteristics

Breve infurmazione

  • An unusual bald cat with oddly shaped ears;
  • A graceful and calm pet with an original appearance, complaisant and gentle character;
  • Very adaptable: easily get used to changes in living conditions and new housing.


The Ukrainian Levkoy loves his owner very much, is boundlessly devoted to him, but will never be intrusive, since delicacy and intelligence are inherent in this cat. It can wait for hours when they pay attention to it, and if necessary, tactfully touch it with its paw or give a low voice. At the same time, he likes to follow the owner on his heels and take part in all household chores.

Cats of this breed love affection, but require not only to be picked up, stroked and played with, but also talked and praised more often.

Kittens of this breed are very curious, and therefore they can break dishes, chew on objects, including bottles of household chemicals, besides, they love to eat flowers. Therefore, it is better to hide all potentially dangerous objects away, and put the plants where it will be inconvenient to climb with the left hand.


Despite their natural playfulness, representatives of this breed are afraid of heights, so they will not jump on cabinets and other tall pieces of furniture. Given this feature, the cat house should be placed closer to the floor. Thanks to the developed intelligence and ingenuity, these cats instantly learn elementary commands and tricks. And their contact makes it easy to establish excellent relationships not only with household members, but also with other pets in the house.

Ukrainian Levkoy Care

In care, these cats are quite unpretentious: due to the lack of wool, they do not need to be combed. But the Ukrainian Levkoy has very delicate skin, it must be wiped with warm water or special wipes, and sometimes washed with shampoo to remove excess discharge, otherwise the cat will become sticky and smell unpleasant. But you should not bathe your pet too often.

If the skin darkens or begins to peel off, it must be moisturized with lotion to prevent drying out. If possible, it is advisable to install a humidifier in the room.

Sunbathing is useful for cats, but left-handed people should not be allowed to be under the open sun for a long time – burns may appear on delicate skin.

In the cold season, they need additional warmth – for example, they can be dressed in special sweaters or overalls.

Representatives of this breed do not have eyelashes that would protect the eyes, which is why they must be washed periodically with clean water or weak tea leaves.

In food, Levkoy are picky and have a good appetite, so they can overeat, which often leads to digestive problems. To avoid them, you need to carefully monitor the diet of the pet.

Cundizioni di detenzione

Levkoy does not require special conditions for keeping, but, due to the lack of wool, in cold weather, he needs a certain temperature regime in the house and warm bedding in a place without drafts.

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