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Ендайя (Aratinga jandaya)



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Appearance of aratinga endaya

Endaya is a medium-sized parakeet with a body length of about 30 cm and a weight of up to 140 grams. The head, chest and belly change from yellow to orange. The wings and back are grassy green. The tail is also green, but it also has yellow and blue feathers. The flight feathers in the wings are blue. Males and females of the endaya aratinga are colored the same. The beak is black. Periorbital ring naked gray or white. The eyes are brown. Paws are grey.

With proper care, the life expectancy of aratinga endaya is more than 20 years.

Habitat and life in nature aratingi endaya

The endaya species of aratinga lives in the northeastern part of Brazil. They prefer deciduous and humid tropical forests, occasionally they can visit agricultural land.

In the diet of aratinga endaya seeds, berries, fruits, sometimes corn, rice.

Outside the breeding season, they keep in small flocks of up to 10-12 individuals. They can make long flights over long distances in search of a suitable habitat.

Reproduction of aratinga endaya

The nesting period of the endaya aratinga falls on August – December. They usually nest in the cavities of tree trunks at a height of at least 15 meters above the ground. The clutch usually contains 3-6 eggs, which the female incubates for 23-25 ​​days. Aratinga endaya chicks leave the nest at the age of 8 – 9 weeks. For a few more weeks, young individuals stay close to their parents, begging for food.


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