Precauzioni di sicurità in a casa induve vive u pappagallo

Precauzioni di sicurità in a casa induve vive u pappagallo

If you have a parrot, it means that a piece of sunny tropics always lives in your house. And it will definitely cheer you up even on the most cloudy day! But the possession of such a treasure imposes a great responsibility on the owner. How to ensure the safety of the parrot so that “not a single feather falls off it”? We will tell! Keep simple rules that will help you keep your colorful pet safe!

In the apartment we are surrounded by many familiar objects that we use every day. But for our birds, they can be dangerous. What is only one ajar window in the apartment. What about indoor plants that can be poisonous to a parrot? An aquarium without a lid? Tablets on the table? Unfortunately, there are many cases of bird injuries from scratch. Let’s not add to this sad statistic. What do I need to do?

1. Secure windows.

Let’s start with the most important thing: windows! To prevent the parrot from accidentally escaping, a strong mesh must be installed on each window in the apartment. Check regularly that it is securely fastened. While the parrot is walking outside the cage, it is better to close the windows.

Slightly ajar windows, including on a slope, in “ventilation mode”, can cause serious injury to the parrot. The bird can get stuck in the gap and injure itself in an attempt to free itself.

In addition to escaping from the apartment, you need to prevent the parrot from hitting the glass. The bird does not realize that there is a closed window in front of it and can fly into it at full speed. Be sure to use curtains or blinds. And if you like the most free space, decorate the window panes with pictures or stickers so that your pet can recognize them.

Precauzioni di sicurità in a casa induve vive u pappagallo

2. Be careful with the fan and air conditioner.

As a rule of thumb, turn off the fan and air conditioner before you let your bird out of the cage. The fan is especially dangerous: a collision with moving blades can cost a pet a life.

3. Close access to the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Birds could take the palm among the most curious pets. They want to fly everywhere, see everything, sit on everything. Unfortunately, this craving can end badly. The most dangerous places in an apartment for a bird are the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. In the kitchen, a bird can get burned, and accidentally swim in the toilet. Be careful, watch your pet and block access to potentially dangerous areas.

4. No sources of fire and liquid in the public domain!

We are talking about a stove, a fireplace, lit candles, an aquarium, a toilet bowl, a bathtub, basins, pots and even a mug of tea that you forgot on your desk. To everything where there is fire and liquid, access for the parrot should be closed. This rule is dictated by many accidents. Don’t neglect them!

If you have an aquarium in your house, be sure to cover it with a lid.

Precauzioni di sicurità in a casa induve vive u pappagallo

5. We remove medicines and sharp objects from access.

This rule is true for all pets, as well as for children. All sharp objects and medicines should be in their places, out of reach of children and animals.

6. We monitor cabinets, drawers and washing machines.

Another important point that is often forgotten. Your curious winged friend can fly into a closet with clothes or climb into a drawer. And you can accidentally close it there, injure in an attempt to rescue it from there, press the wing … This is exactly the case when the presence of a pet teaches owners to order and accuracy.

7. We solve the issue with slots.

Any gaps in the house where the parrot lives should either be closed or widened to the extent that the bird can fly through them freely.

8. Children and pets are under control.

Even if your dog loves your parrot, and your child says he can play with a bird, do not leave them unattended. Parrots, canaries and carduelis are quite fragile pets, and they need constant supervision of an adult responsible owner.

9. We hide cables.

If the parrot sees the cables, he will certainly want to peck at them. To prevent this from happening, hide them behind baseboards or carpets, or alternatively place twigs, perches and special toys in the apartment so that the bird can sit on them and peck at them.

Precauzioni di sicurità in a casa induve vive u pappagallo

10. We deal with indoor plants.

Deciding to get a parrot or other bird is a good reason to review your houseplant collection. Make sure that none of them are those that pose a danger to the pet. Because he will almost certainly want to peck them!

These are the main points that will help you keep your bird of paradise safe! Take care of your pets and let them delight you for many years!

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