Rocky (Patagonian)
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Rocky (Patagonian)



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The Patagonian, or rocky parrot, has a body length of 45 cm. The length of the tail is 24 cm. The feathers of the body are painted mainly in olive-brown with a brownish tint, and the head and wings have a greenish tint. The yellow belly is adorned with a red spot. The throat and chest are grayish-brown. The male has a larger head and beak, and the abdomen is painted in a more intense red-orange color. Rocky parrots live up to 30 years.


Patagonian parrots live in the southern part of Uruguay, in Argentina and Chile. They prefer deserted places (rocks with adjacent forests and grassy pampas). They eat seeds of wild and cultivated plants, tree buds, greens, berries and fruits. With the onset of winter, they migrate to the North, where it is warmer and there is more food. Rocky parrots build nests in rock niches or tree hollows. Often they dig a hole with a powerful beak, and the length of the hole can reach up to 1 meter! At the end of the hole there is an extension – the nesting chamber. The clutch, as a rule, contains 2 – 4 white eggs. The incubation period is 25 days. At the age of 55 – 60 days, the younger generation leaves the nest. –


Caractère et tempérament

The Patagonian parrot is characterized by gullibility and affection for the owner. But if you bought a pet in the hope of having an amazing talker, you are likely to be disappointed. These birds can only learn a few words. But they are playful, funny and perfectly trainable.

Mantenimentu è cura

The Rocky Parrot must be kept indoors at least 3 to 4 meters long. It must be all metal. The mesh is not woven, but welded, because if the Patagonian parrot finds a loose section of the mesh, it will easily unscrew it and get out. If the parrot is kept indoors, put a piece of turf in a separate bowl. Moreover, it will periodically have to be moistened, since the bird is not interested in dried roots. Drinking bowls and feeders are cleaned daily. Toys and perches are washed if necessary. Disinfection and washing of the cage is carried out once a week, the enclosure – once a month. Every day, clean the bottom of the cage, twice a week – the floor of the enclosure.


Patagonian parrots are fed with different types of grain (and some of them are given in sprouted form), weed seeds, vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts. Sometimes they give boiled rice or egg food. If you choose a mineral supplement, keep in mind that rocky parrots prefer very large pieces.

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