Parrot safety on New Year’s Eve

Parrot safety on New Year’s Eve

Parrot owners know how many rules must be followed to protect the parrot from the risk of injury. But the New Year holidays are a particularly exciting and noisy time. During this period, it is important to properly take care of the safety, tranquility and personal space of a feathered friend. We list the rules that will turn the New Year for a parrot into a source of positive emotions.

Recall the basics of security

Feathered friends are fragile creatures. And very curious. We list the main “enemies” of the parrot in the apartment.

  • Kitchen, bathroom, toilet. Doors to these rooms must always be closed. Open fires, slippery plumbing, a full tub of water – parrots do not belong there.

  • Windows and vents. On each window or window you need to stretch a strong mesh. Double-glazed windows in the ventilation mode are dangerous for a feathered friend. A curious pet can easily fall into the gap and injure itself in an attempt to free itself.

  • Window panes and glass inserts in doors should be hung with blinds and curtains. Or decorate with a pattern, stickers, so that the pet learns that “No entry” and does not crash into the glass.

  • Sources of fire and liquid. We cover the aquarium with fish, do not light candles on the birthday cake if there is a pet nearby. Remember that incense and aroma candles are also prohibited. Smoke and strong fragrances are harmful to your feathered friend.

  • Cracks. They need to be repaired so that the parrot does not get stuck in them during an exploratory sortie around the room.

  • Electrical wires. We hide them in boxes or behind furniture.

  • Pets with predatory habits. Let the cat and the parrot live in different rooms. Large parrots with large beaks promise trouble for kittens, and adult cocky cats see potential prey in small parrots.

  • Fan and air conditioner. We make sure that they do not create a draft for the parrot. Choose fans for the home, the blades of which are securely covered with a protective frame.

  • Medicines and sharp objects. We put all medicines and knives, scissors, nail files, needles, pins, etc. into a chest of drawers, a bedside table, a table. So that the parrot does not get it.

  • Cabinets, drawers – a risk zone. It is always necessary to close them tightly so that the feathered friend does not inadvertently climb into a desk or wardrobe. You may not notice his presence in a half-covered drawer and inadvertently injure.

Parrot safety on New Years Eve

New Year’s surprises

  • A New Year’s surprise may be sudden fireworks outside the window or relatives who, without warning, dropped in to congratulate you. Discuss in advance with the household how to behave in such situations and protect the parrot from stressful situations. Here is our New Year’s checklist for caring owners who want their parrot to have a New Year’s Eve without unpleasant surprises.

  • If on December 31 your pet decides to stretch his wings, let him fly around the room in advance, before the guests arrive and the fireworks start on the street.

  • Leave the parrot in the cage while the festive feast is in progress, especially if you have guests. If it is not possible to move the parrot cage to a separate room, hang it in a higher corner so that noisy gatherings do not disturb the pet too much. Leave dimmed lights in the room where the parrot will retire during the holiday.

  • Do not let the parrot out of the cage in front of guests, this is very risky. Friends or relatives who have looked in for an hour may not know the nature of your winged ward, they may not know how to treat him. The talking parrot is able to charm anyone. But don’t make him the star of the evening. in no case do not indulge the requests of younger relatives “to let them play with the bird.”

  • Even the most harmless pyrotechnics like sparklers and firecrackers are in question if a parrot lives in your house. Is it worth scaring a feathered friend with pops and sparks, the smell of burning? If you still decide to light sparklers on New Year’s Eve, do it as far away from your pet as possible.

  • Before the holidays, check whether the nets on the windows and vents are well fixed. On New Year’s Eve, keep windows and vents closed. And fireworks from the street will not get into the house, and the roar from firecrackers and firecrackers on the street will be much quieter, the pet will not be so scared.

  • A feathered friend should not see shiny Christmas decorations, tinsel and luminous garlands. A curious pet will certainly become interested in them and try to taste them.

Parrot safety on New Years Eve
  • Remember the ban on sources of liquid and open fire, as well as the ban on scented candles. If candles, then only ordinary ones. Do not leave a table with burning candles, New Year’s drinks and snacks within the reach of a feathered mischief-maker.

  • Make sure that ribbons, scissors, scraps of paper and other gift-wrapping attributes are removed immediately after use so that the pet does not stumble upon them.

  • In order not to forget to close a drawer in the pre-holiday bustle, not to leave a closet wide open, close everything that can be closed with a key. Desk drawers can be sealed with duct tape if you do not need their contents in the coming days.

Happy New Year to you and your wards! We sincerely hope that only pleasant chores and positive emotions await you and your feathered friend on New Year’s holidays.

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