Parrot is a vandal!

Parrot is a vandal!

Beauty is a terrible force! Take, for example, . It is difficult to come up with a more beautiful, exotic and bright bird … But even if you are fascinated by the colorful color and unusual “sharp” feathers, do not rush to run to the breeder. First, read about the nature of the Lori parrots, because these beauties are very, very obstinate!

  • Talk to me!

Loris just love to talk and express their emotions – and this is a plus. They have a very loud, sharp and piercing voice – but this is already a minus! No earplugs will save you from the sociability of your beloved pet. At the slightest pretext, Lori will comment on the situation with a sudden whistle or scream, and sometimes no pretext is needed! Round-the-clock “angelic” singing can withstand not everyone. Are you a tough guy?

  • I don’t eat that!

In nutrition, loris are still picky. By nature, these are special parrots. They do not eat grain mixtures, such as wavy. Under natural habitat conditions, the diet of loris is pollen, nectar and fruit juice, and their tongue is corresponding – rough, like a cat’s. Here and at home, the nutrition of the bird should be as close as possible to the natural. So we put aside a variety of seeds, vegetables and fruits and buy special food for loris, diluted to the consistency of sour cream. What did you think? Only give the drink of the gods to such beauties!

Parrot is a vandal!

  • Manners? – No, I didn’t.

A special diet has its consequences. Since lorises eat liquid food, their metabolism is very fast. This means that in practice the Lori parrot goes to the toilet a lot and often, and also very liquid. Moreover, the toilet is, as you understand, not really a toilet, but any place where the parrot is “impatient”. In a word, it is better to keep a napkin and a cleaner at hand. Get ready for the fact that not only the cage, but also the space around it will be “decorated” with surprises!

  • Charming rebels.

You already understood that lorises are bright personalities. And what is the brightness without a slight rebellion? True, in the case of these birds, it is not so easy!

Laurie loves to make a mess. They are always on the move: they move something, sort it out, peck, if possible they drop objects with pleasure, ruffle everything that can be ruffled. In general, you will not get bored with them!

Well, how are your impressions? Changed your mind about getting a tropical monster? Or just confirmed in their decision?

Parrot is a vandal!

If all of the above did not scare you, it remains for us … to congratulate you! Lori, of course, those “vandals”. However, first of all, these are incredibly friendly, contact, smart and affectionate birds, real masters of tricks and winged intellectuals, easily learning up to 70 human words! And look at them again: they are insanely beautiful!

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