I canarini dipinti
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I canarini dipinti

Painted canaries have an original color that distinguishes them from a number of other varieties of canaries. Being born completely inconspicuous, by the second year of life, these birds acquire a bright, peculiar color, which, unfortunately, lasts only about 2 years, and then turns pale. The main shades of the color of painted canaries are silver, golden, bluish-gray, greenish-brown, orange-yellow, etc. The color of amazing birds is changeable, shades change almost throughout life. 

The variety combines the canary lucertula и London canary

Verbu “lizard” translated from English. means “lizard”. So the canary was nicknamed because of the scaly pattern on the upper side of the plumage, each feather in which is outlined by a light stripe. Another distinctive feature of the lizard canary is a bright spot on the head, as if a cap was put on the bird. Canaries lizards are golden, silver or bluish-gray. They have a luxurious, peculiar plumage that never ceases to please the eye. But, when starting a lizard, it should be borne in mind that with the age of the bird, the lizard pattern will disappear, and the color will turn slightly pale. 

London canaries – miniature, stately birds that at a young age are greenish-brown in color, and then change it to orange-yellow with a contrasting black tail. Like the lizard canaries, the coloration of the London birds is variable and with age it loses contrasts, becoming paler. 

Unfortunately, the variable features of the painted canaries negatively affect their singing talents and these birds do not sing as often as their closest relatives. Nevertheless, these are beautiful, unpretentious, sociable birds, the changeable color of which is not a disadvantage, but an advantage of the breed. 

The average life expectancy of painted canaries with proper care is 10-14 years.

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