Milbemax for dogs: instructions for use
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Milbemax for dogs: instructions for use

Release form and active ingredients

Milbemax for dogs: instructions for use

Milbemax for small dogs and puppies

Milbemax for dogs is produced in tablet dosage form, two tablets in a blister. Active compounds are: milbemycin (in the form of oxime) and praziquantel. The manufacturer took care of both puppies and adult animals:

  • for small dogs and young animals, the content of active ingredients in a tablet is 25 mg of praziquantel and 2,5 mg of milbemycin;
  • older large animals should choose a preparation containing 125 mg of praziquantel and 12,5 mg of milbemycin.

It will not work to confuse the tablets, since they have the appropriate marking and differ in shape: in the first case they are oval with the inscription AA, in the second they are round with CCA engraving. Among the additional ingredients of the composition can be noted: lactose, cellulose, silicon, magnesium stearate and others.

How does Milbemax work?

The medicine for worms for dogs Milbemax not only leads to the death of parasites, but also enhances the activity of the enzyme systems of the animal, which contributes to the anthelmintic effect in a short time. Entering the body of a pet, milbemycin increases the polarity of the cell membranes of the parasite in the nervous and muscle tissues, enhances the penetration of chlorine through them. This leads to paralysis and subsequent death of the helminth.

Praziquantel also disrupts the polarity in cell membranes, increasing their permeability to calcium. As a result, the muscles of the worms contract, the outer layer of cells covering the body of the worm is destroyed.

Milbemax belongs to the 3rd hazard class (moderate); if the dosage is observed, the drug does not pose a threat to the health of the animal.

Indications for the drug

Milbemax for dogs is indicated as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for helminthiases caused by nematodes and / or cestodes. A wide spectrum of action makes it possible to prescribe a medicine when parasites such as echinococcus, dirofilaria, toxacara, hookworm and others are detected. At the same time, the active substances have a detrimental effect on both adult worms and larvae.

How to give: dosages

According to the instructions for use, Milbemax should be given to the dog once with a meal. The crushed tablet can be mixed with food or poured into the pet’s mouth (you can mix the powder with water and pour it with a syringe). The dosage of the drug is calculated according to the table.

Pet weight (kg)

Preparation for puppies (table)

Preparation for adult dogs (table)

In the treatment of angiostrongyloidosis, the medicine should be given to the pet 4 times: one every seven days (dose of the drug according to the table).

If cases of dirofilariasis are registered in the region, the drug is given for prophylactic purposes: once a month, starting from the moment blood-sucking flying insects appear and ending with a month after their disappearance, that is, in spring, summer and autumn. Before giving Milbemax for prophylaxis, a dog’s blood test should be done to make sure there is no infection.

Can there be side effects

Milbemax for dogs: instructions for use

Milbemax for dogs

Side effects of Milbemax for dogs include:

  • salivazione aumentata;
  • cunvulsioni;
  • unsteady gait, muscle weakness;
  • letargia, sonnolenza;
  • vomiting, diarrhea.

Similar symptoms, in most cases, indicate an overdose of the drug. In this case, special measures are not required – the symptoms disappear within a day without medical treatment.

In what cases is Milbemax not prescribed?

Treatment with Milbemax is contraindicated in dogs with abnormalities in the functioning of the kidneys and liver. In addition, if the pet has intolerance to any components of the medicine, it should not be given either.

Attention: deworming is not carried out in animals weakened after an illness, in case of exhaustion or the presence of an infectious disease in the acute stage.

If the dog is expecting offspring or feeding newborns, the use of the drug is permissible in consultation with the veterinarian. In addition, it is not recommended to give tablets for adult animals to small dogs, since the distribution of active ingredients in the tablet may be uneven. Puppies whose body weight is less than 500 g are not given medicine.

Special conditions for the use of Milbemax

When in contact with Milbemax, you must follow the general safety rules: do not eat, refrain from smoking, wash your hands after treatment. If part of the tablet remains during the deworming process, it can be stored in the same blister for a maximum of six months.

To store the drug, you need to choose a dark place inaccessible to animals and children. The medicine should not be frozen or kept at temperatures above 25 degrees. You can store the drug for three years.

What can replace the remedy: analogues

If it was not possible to buy Milbemax or the pet has an allergy to its components, other drugs can be used to get rid of worms. The most common analogues of Milbemax:

  • Drontal plus;
  • Canicquantel;
  • Cestal plus;
  • Sender;
  • Milprazone;
  • Febtal combo;
  • Troncil.

In general, judging by user reviews, Milbemax does not cause any reactions on the part of the dog’s body and is well tolerated. The medicine is freely sold in veterinary pharmacies, including via the Internet and in clinics, and the average price of the drug is about 300 rubles.

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