Lesson’s parrot
Razze d'uccelli

Lesson’s parrot

Lessons parrot

Lesson’s parrotThe heavenly body
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Small short-tailed parrots up to 12,5 cm long and weighing up to 33 grams.

The main color of the plumage is olive-green, the nape is gray, the back is gray-green, the uppertail and flight feathers of the wings are blue, the tail is dark green. On the front and to the chest, the color is bright green. There is a blue spot behind the eyes to the back of the head. The beak is light, the eyes are brown, the periorbital ring is gray. Paws are pink. Females have slight differences in color – there is no blue color on the rump and wings.

Life expectancy with good care up to 25 years.

Habitat and life in nature

Quite a common species. Lesson’s parrots live in the west of South America and from Bolivia to Peru. Prefer dry areas of subtropical and tropical forests. Outside the nesting period, birds settle in small flocks of 5 to 20 individuals.

The nesting season is January-May. They nest in hollows, in cacti, termite mounds, they can occupy other people’s nests. The female weaves a soft rug of blades of grass, leaves and petals, which she brings in her beak. The male does not take part in the construction. Clutch 4-6 eggs. The incubation period is 18 days. Only the female incubates, the male feeds her all this time. The chicks leave the nest at the age of 4-5 weeks. Parents feed the young for some time.

The diet consists of seeds of wild herbs, berries, fruits and cactus fruits.

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