Cacatua Inca
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Cacatua Inca

Inca cockatoo (Cacatua leadbeateri)



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Cacatua Inca

Cacatua Inca

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Inca cockatoo appearance

Inca cockatoo is a short-tailed parrot with a body length of about 35 cm and an average weight of about 425 g. Like the whole family, there is a crest on the head of the Inca cockatoo, but this species is especially beautiful, about 18 cm high when raised. The crest has a bright color with red and yellow spots. The body is painted in a soft pink color. Both sexes of the Inca cockatoo are colored the same. There is a red stripe at the base of the beak. The beak is powerful, gray-pink. Paws are grey. Mature males and females of the Inca cockatoo have a different color of the iris. In males it is dark brown, in females it is red-brown.

There are 2 subspecies of the Inca cockatoo, which differ in color elements and habitat.

Inca cockatoo lifespan cù cura curretta - circa 40 - 60 anni.

Cacatua Inca

In the photo: Inca cockatoo. Photo:

Habitat and life in nature inca cockatoo

Inca cockatoos live in southern and western Australia. The species suffers from the loss of natural habitats, as well as from poaching. They live mainly in arid regions, in eucalyptus groves near water bodies. In addition, Inca cockatoos settle in forests and visit agricultural lands. Usually keep heights up to 300 meters above sea level.

In the diet of the Inca cockatoo, seeds of various herbs, figs, pine cones, eucalyptus seeds, various roots, wild melon seeds, nuts and insect larvae.

Often they can be found in flocks with pink cockatoos and others, gather in flocks of up to 50 individuals, feed both on trees and on the ground.

Cacatua Inca

Photo: Inca cockatoo at the Australian Zoo. Photo:

Inca cockatoo breeding

The nesting season of the Inca cockatoo lasts from August to December. Birds are monogamous, choosing a pair for a long time. They usually nest in hollow trees at a height of up to 10 meters.

In the laying of the Inca cockatoo 2 – 4 eggs. Both parents incubate alternately for 25 days.

Inca cockatoo chicks leave the nest at the age of 8 weeks and stay close to the nest for several months, where their parents feed them.

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