How to name a parrot?

How to name a parrot?

Among the pleasant troubles associated with the appearance of a feathered friend in the house, the question of how to beautifully name a parrot is far from the last place. The choice of the name of a new pet must be taken responsibly, because the whole family will call him that for many years. And the parrots themselves like to loudly remind the world of their names.

Let the parrot introduce himself

There are many talking parrots. Potentially sociable representatives of such breeds as Jaco, Corella, Amazon, Macaw, budgerigar, lovebird. They are often bred to teach them to speak. The ability to memorize and reproduce words in different breeds varies. For example, a Jaco parrot can be taught to conduct an almost full-fledged conversation, answering in short phrases.

It is necessary to take into account the gender of birds. For example, a female budgerigar can only remember a couple of dozen words, but she will pronounce them very clearly. So while thinking about how to name a female parrot, it is better to immediately choose an easily pronounceable, pleasant to the ear and memorable name. But it’s easier to teach male lovebird parrots to speak, but they pronounce words somewhat worse than their fellow tribesmen.

How can you name a parrot so that the name is remembered and liked by the pet itself? Use a name consisting of two, maximum three syllables, so that your feathered friend learns it without any problems. The ability of parrots to reproduce sounds is limited, they are better at hissing and deaf consonants and simple vowels. Pay attention to the names in which there are letters k, e, w, a, u, f, h, t, g, d, p, p, a, e, i, y. Using the letters c, z, s will complicate the task for your pet. If the name contains the letters l, m, n, then the parrot runs the risk of not pronouncing his nickname at all.

How to name a parrot?

Names for boys and girls

Names are traditionally divided into male and female, this also applies to parrots. Everyone remembers Kesha from the cartoon “Return of the Prodigal Parrot”. The name for the colorful character was chosen perfectly – two syllables, deaf and hissing consonants, simple vowels.

Among the nice simple names for male parrots are Gosha, Zhora, Cyrus, Jacques, Joe, Georges, Chris, Gary, Ricky, Toby. Often, when choosing a name for a feathered friend, the owners want it to be unusual. Turn on your imagination or remember the name of your favorite movie actor, book or fairy tale character. There are rare, original names that a parrot can simply pronounce. Richard, Rurik, Robbie, Archie, Argus, Freddie, Chester – maybe you and your pet will like one of these names?

How to name a female parrot so that both you and the feathered beauty would be pleased? There are many cute affectionate names – Josie, Cherry, Cassie, Pep, Betty, Kitty, Peggy, Bijou, Greta, Bertha, Augusta, Kerry, Jessie. You can teach a bird to pronounce Zara, Audrey, Diva, Rose, the list of names for girl parrots can be continued almost endlessly.

If you have two parrots, it is important that their names are not consonant with each other. In principle, when choosing a name for a bird, pay attention that it does not sound similar to the names of pets already living in the house. And a couple of parrots, if it is a boy and a girl, can be called, for example, Kai and Gerda, Peter and Wendy, Tristan and Isolde. Two boy parrots can be called Chuk and Gek, or Harlequin and Pierrot. But keep in mind that it is easier to teach a parrot to talk if he lives alone with you.

How can you name a parrot without knowing its gender? In such situations, it is better to give the pet a neutral name that will suit both a boy and a girl. The parrot does not need to change the name, as this will be a lot of stress for the bird. In extreme cases, you can come up with some very consonant name, for example, differing by one letter. If you are not the first owner of a parrot (let’s say you got it from relatives), then by all means find out its nickname and call it the same as the previous owners.

There are quite a few nice parrot names for such occasions. Here you can not only follow the rule of two syllables (Chiki, Jerry, Nikki, Cookie), but also choose a beautiful nickname from two identical syllables: Toto, Koko, Chichi. Do not rush to give a name right away, observe the behavior and character of the parrot. Perhaps his personality is better reflected by the nickname Kopusha or Krokha.

How to name a parrot?

Exotic and themed parrot names

Do not forget that people in communication act on the principle of saving energy, the camera in everyday speech is increasingly called a fotik. Do you have the patience to name the parrot you call Boniface or Terpsichore every time? Avoid two-syllable names like Robin Hood, otherwise the bird will only respond to its full name.

But nothing prevents you from naming a pet, focusing on your hobbies and tastes. Love to cook? Perhaps your bird will like the name Korzhik, Yolk, Pie, Donut. Do you like to watch blockbusters? Why not name the parrot Rocky, Arnie or Chuck? If you prefer Latin American series, think of the names Carlos, Diego, Ciro, Juan, Erica, Desiree.

Do you think that a feathered friend deserves a regal, majestic name? Please – Chiara, Tiara, Aria, Darius, Paris. One might think of distant tropical lands where your parrot would surely find many friends. Tahiti, Fiji, Agar, Bioko – why not turn the names of the islands into the names of birds?

When you have already understood how you can call a parrot, it remains only to tell him about it. Practice with a parrot for five to ten minutes a day – repeat his name in an affectionate, kind voice, without raising your voice or getting annoyed. For the duration of the lesson, you can put a winged pet on your arm. Over time, the parrot will understand that there is no threat or any negativity in repeating his nickname, you just call him by name. Then the feathered friend realizes that Kesha or Richie, whom you call so stubbornly – this is he, will begin to respond to the nickname.

How to name a parrot?

What names to avoid

No matter how wide the scope of your imagination, you should not go too far and give parrots obscene or obscene nicknames. Otherwise, you risk getting into trouble when the parrot decides to introduce himself to your guests. And in general, try not to express yourself in the presence of a feathered friend. Mikhail Zhvanetsky has a story “About a Parrot”, which describes in detail the consequences of a winged pet staying in a company in which people, to put it mildly, did not follow the language.

It is worth being extremely careful when giving a parrot a human name. It is unlikely that any of the relatives will be delighted to learn that they have become the namesake of a parrot. Even if there is no person with that name among your loved ones, it is not a fact that over the years of the life of a parrot you will not make friends with his namesake, having met, for example, at a new job. So think again about whether to call your sociable bird Petya or Ksyusha.

You should not give your pet a name with a clearly negative connotation, even if you have found a nickname that perfectly reflects the nature of the pet. Ask yourself if you feel like calling your favorite parrot Glutton or Bandit day in and day out.

We hope that our advice on choosing a name for a feathered friend will help you come up with a beautiful name for a parrot. A good choice of a nickname means that communication with a pet will become easier and will carry a positive charge for your household and guests for many years.

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