Cumu determinà u sessu di un cucciolo?
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Cumu determinà u sessu di un cucciolo?

How to determine the sex of a newborn puppy?

After the umbilical cord has been processed and the newborn puppy has been wiped, you need to run your finger over his stomach. If you find a hole for urination directly next to the navel, then this is a boy; if the belly is smooth, and the genitals are located between the hind legs, then this is undoubtedly a girl.

How to determine the sex of an older puppy?

Determining the sex of a grown puppy is much easier than that of a newborn. The male’s sexual organ will be located on the abdomen, closer to the hind legs. In the female, the genitals are located in close proximity to the anus.

Why is it important to know the gender of a pet?

First of all, you need to know the sex of the dog in order to predict possible behavior in time, especially in relation to other dogs. Often, adult males may not get along with each other, while they are much calmer with females.

Principali differenze

The sex of an adult dog (older than a year) is easy to determine. An adult uncastrated male has very noticeable sexual characteristics; in addition, when urinating, he raises his paw. In most breeds, males are larger than females, often have thicker and longer hair, they have a stronger territorial instinct, so they actively mark and guard the boundaries of their possessions. At the sight of other males, they can show aggression and start fights in order to drive the offender away.

Bitches, as a rule, are softer in character, behave more modestly. They are smaller and lighter than males, especially for breeds above average height. Urination is performed by sitting on its hind legs. In giving birth to bitches, in addition, nipples are clearly visible, it is especially easy to see this sign in hairless breeds or in breeds with smooth hair.

If you still have doubts, show the dog to a specialist – a breeder or a veterinarian, he will accurately determine the sex of the puppy.

August 15 2017

Updated: ottobre 5, 2018

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