Razze di cani chì s'accordanu bè cù i misgi
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Razze di cani chì s'accordanu bè cù i misgi

Razze di cani chì s'accordanu bè cù i misgi

The most ideal situation is when a kitten and a puppy appear in the family at the same time. Then there is a very high probability that they will easily make friends and they will not be bored in your absence. But if one of the pets has been living with you for a long time, and you bring someone new into the house, then you should approach their acquaintance responsibly. Read carefully our article on how to make friends with a cat with a dog – there you will find many useful tips.

And here we have collected 6 breeds of dogs that usually get along easily with cats.

  1. golden retriever

    This is one of the most loving dogs – she loves children, as well as animals, so it will not be difficult for her to live with a cat. These are affectionate and obedient dogs that just need communication. True, this active dog lives best in a country house, and not in an apartment – this is also worth considering when choosing a breed.

  2. Basset hound

    This breed is very peaceful, so it is unlikely to show aggression towards a cat. Like the Retriever, the Basset loves children and is ready to endure all their pranks. Despite its sad appearance, it is a very cheerful, kind and active dog.

  3. Bichon Frise

    Dogs of this breed are ready to be friends with everyone: with other dogs, cats and even rodents. They have not only a cute appearance, but also a wonderful character. They are smart, calm and affectionate.

  4. Beagle

    This friendly dog ​​needs education – then she will definitely make friends with a cat. It must be remembered that beagles have a lot of energy, which they should regularly splash out during walks, otherwise they can destroy everything in the house.

  5. pug

    Pugs are completely non-aggressive and very friendly. They will easily keep a cat company – the main thing is that the owner’s love and attention is enough for both pets. It is very important for a Pug to spend time with a loved one, to whom he is very devoted.

  6. cavalier king charles spaniel

    These kids easily adapt to new circumstances, so a new family member in the form of a cat is not a problem for them. It is important to pay enough attention to the dog so that it does not feel lonely.

Photos of dogs from left to right: golden retriever, basset hound, bichon frise, beagle, pug, cavalier king charles spaniel

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