canari crestati
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canari crestati

Crested canaries are fragile, miniature, but incredibly stately birds. Their main feature is the presence of a prominent crest, resembling a hat. However, not all representatives of the species have a crest; there are crestless crested canaries. 

The body length of crested canaries is only 11 cm. These are rather unpretentious birds that are happy to contact with a person and have a cheerful disposition.

The variety includes the German (Colored), Lancashire, English (Crested) and Gloucester Canaries. 

German crested canaries reach 14,5 cm in length. The presence of a crest is not the only feature of these birds. Thick, long feathers above the eyes form peculiar eyebrows and adorn the canary’s head. The bird has a beautiful posture. Sitting on a perch, the canary keeps its body upright. The color of the German crested can be monophonic or symmetrically mottled. Outwardly, these birds strongly resemble colored smooth-headed canaries, but German canaries have a wider head and a slightly flatter crown. 

canari crestati

lancashire crested – the largest representative of domestic canaries. The length of her body is 23 cm. An important feature is the crest of the bird. It is larger than other crested canaries, and falls in the form of a cap over the eyes and beak. Lancashire canaries are beautiful and sociable birds, but their breeding is a very complex process that even professionals do not always cope with. 

English crested canary has a strong, stocky physique and reaches 16,5 cm in length. These birds have several features: a prominent cap-shaped crest and eyebrows that partially fall over the eyes, as well as long, low-hanging feathers at the base of the tail, on the abdomen and on the wings. Plumage color may vary. Representatives of this breed with a tuft are also called “crested”, and crested representatives are also called “crested”. These birds practically do not care about their offspring, they are bad parents. 

Gloucester canary very miniature, the length of her body is only 12 cm. Their dense, neat crest is shaped like a crown and is a spectacular decoration. Color can include all colors except red. This is one of the youngest breeds, characterized by unpretentiousness and respect for their offspring. Gloucester canaries are easily bred in captivity and are often used as nannies for chicks abandoned by other birds.  

The average lifespan of crested canaries is about 12 years.

Pairs are allowed for breeding only from a crestless canary and a canary with a tuft. If you cross two crested canaries with crests, the offspring will die.

canari crestati

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