Cuntenutu di u pappagallo Macaw

Cuntenutu di u pappagallo Macaw

– very beautiful, bright and, by the way, the largest birds from the order of Parrots. Now they are a real rarity. It is not surprising that many dream of such pets. But before you go to a breeder, you need to know how to care for macaws and what to feed them. And we will help you with this!

Keeping macaws at home has its own nuances. Even if you already had wavy or, for example, canaries, you will discover a new world with macaws. These birds are very smart, active and sociable. Their mood can change just like ours. And in order to establish a real friendship with a pet, you need to understand its nature well and establish the most comfortable conditions for it. What to pay attention to first of all?

  • Very big cage!

Large parrots – large cages. Or aviaries. The main thing is that the macaw should be able to move freely around its home without touching the walls and without injuring the feathers.

  • Walking is a must!

Ara should never be kept in a cage alone. The parrot needs daily walks around the apartment. Of course, under the watchful eye of the owner. Give your pet the opportunity to fly and stretch their wings more often. This is necessary both for his health and for good mood.

When releasing a parrot from a cage, make sure that all windows in the apartment are closed!

  • In the spotlight!

Macaw is a very smart, sociable parrot, and he just loves to be the soul of the company. This bird does not like to be alone. You need to talk and play with her as often as possible. If you are not ready to devote a lot of time to your pet, perhaps it is better to think about fish?

  • Have enough patience!

Macaws can sometimes be noisy. They scream loudly, which is not to everyone’s liking. During the breeding season, the bird can often scream and even show aggression. Be patient, these difficulties are temporary.

But when a tame parrot feels good, he hisses in a funny way. Of course, you will want to hear this hiss as often as possible!

  • Tame is easy if you know how.

It is better to tame macaws from childhood. Little chicks make the best companions!

And macaws quickly get used to a certain regimen and diet. It is extremely difficult to retrain an adult parrot, and this undertaking often ends in failure.

Cuntenutu di u pappagallo Macaw

The best diet is as close to natural as possible. In their natural habitat, macaws eat ripe fruits, seeds, berries, nuts, and even snails!

In captivity, the diverse needs of a bird cannot be satisfied with just one type of prepared feed. The diet of a parrot should include not only grains, but also suitable fruits, vegetables and herbs.

When choosing the main food, give preference to specialized lines for macaws. Special feeds fully take into account the nutritional needs of a particular species, which is difficult to achieve on your own at home. In addition to the main food, do not forget about grain: parrots need it for proper digestion. As an example, for feeding a macaw, you can use a specialized line of Fiory Microppils Ara and high-quality grain food in proportions of 50 to 50.

Remember that a balanced diet is the key to the health and beauty of your pet. So, problems with plumage in parrots are often associated precisely with nutritional deficiencies. Be careful!

In the cage, the bird should always have fresh drinking water and a mineral stone.

This information will be useful to the future owner of the macaw. But this is only the beginning. When getting an exotic parrot, be prepared to study a lot of thematic literature and enlist the support of experienced breeders. Do not hesitate, it will be interesting!

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