Amazon Muller
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Amazon Muller

Amazon Müllera (Amazona farinosa)



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Amazon MullerIn the photo: amazon Müller. Photo:

Appearance of Amazon Muller

Muller’s Amazon is a parrot with a body length of about 38 cm and an average weight of about 766 grams. Both the male and female Amazon Muller are colored the same, the main body color is green. The feathers on the back of the head and neck have a purple border. Some individuals may have a yellow spot on their head. The main color of the body is covered as if with a white coating. The flight feathers of the wings are purple, the shoulder is red. The flight feathers of the wing have red-orange spots. The periorbital ring is naked and white, the eyes are red-orange. The beak is powerful, flesh-colored at the base, gray at the tip. The paws are powerful, gray. There are 3 subspecies of Muller’s Amazon, which differ from each other in color and habitat.Lifespan of Amazon Muller with proper care – about 50 – 60 years. Amazon MullerIn the photo: amazon Müller. Photo:

Habitat and life in nature Amazon Muller

Amazon Muller lives in the north of Brazil, in Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico. The species is subject to poaching and also suffers from the loss of natural habitats. They live in dense lowland moist forests. Keep the edges. Also found in lowland montane tropical forests. The species adheres to an altitude of up to 1100 meters above sea level. It can visit savannas, less often deciduous forests. Muller’s Amazon diet includes various types of seeds, fruits and vegetative parts of plants, berries, nuts, flowers. They visit corn plantations. Muller’s Amazons usually stay in pairs, sometimes in flocks of 20 to 30 individuals. Outside the breeding season, they can stray into noisy numerous flocks, sitting in the crowns of trees. Amazon MullerIn the photo: amazon Müller. Photo:

Reproduction of amazon Müller

The nesting period of the Amazon Muller falls on January in Colombia, May in Guatemala, November – March in other areas. They form pairs for life. Muller’s Amazons nest in hollows of trees, in a laying of 3 – 4 eggs. The female incubates the clutch for about 26 days. Muller’s Amazon chicks usually leave the nest at the age of 8 weeks.

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