Egeu Сat
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Egeu Сat

Characteristics of Aegean Сat

Paese di origineGrecia
Tipu di lanaCapelli corti
Lu cùrmini25-28 cm
Peso2-4 kg
Age8-14 anni
Aegean Сat Characteristics

Breve infurmazione

  • The Aegean cat is a breed that has lived for centuries by fishing. It will not suit those who have an aquarium at home;
  • Aegeans like to move freely, they cannot be tormented by a cage;
  • This cat breed quickly gets used to its owner.


The Aegean cat is called the wealth of Greece. Archaeologists claim that she was the first or one of the first domestic cats and lived more than 10 thousand years ago. All over the world this breed is considered rare, but not for Greece. There are about two hundred islands in the Aegean Sea – they became the place for the development of this breed.

Proximity to the sea and ports has deprived these cats of fear of water. Hoping to get a part of the catch, the Aegean cats often hung around the local fishermen. In addition, these animals are excellent fishermen and born hunters, and this is an important difference between the Aegean and many other breeds.

In a house where small rodents cause trouble, Aegeans become indispensable helpers. However, this advantage of them can easily turn out to be a disadvantage for the owners. So, if the house already has a pet (for example, a parrot, a lizard or a hamster), then the Egean will constantly look for a way to get to them.

Today, the Aegean cat breed is distinguished by activity and high intelligence. However, they do not respond well to training. The Aegean cat is very playful. In the absence of live targets, she will enthusiastically attack various objects in the house. And if you are by nature a calm and balanced person who loves order in everything, and strictly adheres to the principle that everything has its place, then get ready for the fact that the Aegean cat will shake your traditional foundations. Playful and restless, these cats are able to turn everything upside down.


Bribes in the Aegean cat and her devotion. Pets of this breed are firmly attached to the owner and go everywhere on his heels. In addition, the Aegeans are always happy with the host’s affection, they love it when they talk to them.

Aegean Сat Care

The life expectancy of Aegean cats often reaches 15 years. Nature endowed them with good health and genetic resistance to various diseases.

In order for the pet to please the owners with its beauty, it is necessary to regularly comb out its hair, and this should be done at least once a week. Bathe your cat as needed.

Mandatory hygiene procedures for this breed include brushing teeth . It is recommended to check their condition regularly and take action as necessary.

Cundizioni di detenzione

When starting an Aegean cat, it should be understood that she needs complete freedom. For example, for representatives of this breed, a private house is perfect, where the animal can freely spend time on the street.

Cats living in an apartment will benefit from regular and long walks. They will improve the health of the pet and achieve its excellent mood. Otherwise, the animal will be sad and depressed, which will not have the best effect on its physical condition.

Aegeans perfectly and in the shortest possible time adapt to a new place. They need affection and attention from their owners. In order for cats to feel cozy and comfortable and delight their owners with their beauty and health, it is necessary to know their character and provide them with proper care and care.

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