Body temperature of guinea pigs: how to measure what is considered normal

Body temperature of guinea pigs: how to measure what is considered normal

Body temperature of guinea pigs: how to measure what is considered normal

As in humans, in many animals the malaise is expressed in an increase in the body. But if a person can simply put a thermometer and take the necessary measures, then in the event of a pet’s illness, all worries fall on the owner. It is necessary to know the norm, methods of measurement and first aid methods.

Normal body temperature in guinea pigs

The smaller the animal, the higher its normal temperature. According to various sources, the norm for guinea pigs:

  • 37,2-39,5ºС;
  • 37-39ºС.

Given the difference indicated by competent specialists, it is better to discuss the disputed values ​​​​with a veterinarian in advance. However, an increase to 39ºС clearly indicates that the pet has a fever, and an indicator below 6ºС indicates hypothermia caused by hypothermia due to improper pet maintenance.

How to measure the temperature of a rodent

It is better to measure the temperature of animals with an electronic veterinary or medical thermometer. The measurement speed is much faster, and the rodent experiences less discomfort: such a thermometer has a narrower tip. The order of preparation for the procedure:

  1. Clean the tip of the thermometer with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.
  2. Wait until dry.
  3. Lubricate the working part of the thermometer with petroleum jelly.
Body temperature of guinea pigs: how to measure what is considered normal
The body temperature of guinea pigs is best measured with an electronic thermometer.

The measurement process itself is as follows:

  1. The pet must be picked up and reassured with gentle words.
  2. Lay on your knees with your stomach up, with your thumb a little pressure on the groin.
  3. With your right hand, begin to very carefully insert the thermometer into the rectum.
  4. Method of administration: the first pressure is carried out in a vertical position, then the thermometer must be moved horizontally.

For the first time, it is better to ask someone close to help and hold the pet. Since injuries to the anus and rectum are likely, the first manipulation should be carried out under the supervision of an experienced pig breeder or veterinarian.

The duration of the measurement with a conventional thermometer is about 7 minutes. An electronic thermometer with a sound signal notifies you of the result.

Unlike dogs, guinea pig noses are not indicators of body temperature. It can retain moisture even during a period of severe malaise.

How to recognize a fever in a pet

Unless necessary, doctors do not recommend measuring the temperature of a rodent. Manipulation is indicated for severe symptoms of the disease:

  • general change in behavior;
  • apathy;
  • strong thirst or vice versa refusal of water;
  • loss of appetite.

The animal will tend to hide in the dark part of the cage.

Body temperature of guinea pigs: how to measure what is considered normal
If a guinea pig has a fever, he will hide in a dark place.

First aid methods

To get rid of the heat on their own, the owner has only 2 ways:

  • give ¼ aspirin;
  • offer water with a drop of lemon juice.

These measures are temporary and will help ease the condition of the mumps until a visit to the veterinarian. It is strictly not recommended to take an animal to the clinic – the process of transportation itself can aggravate the disease. The best option is to call the clinic, where there is a house call service, and invite a doctor. He will be able to do basic procedures and make a primary diagnosis.

It is worth going to your clinic when the temperature of the guinea pig drops. A veterinarian who knows the animal will be able to prescribe an adequate diagnosis and treatment.

Guinea pig body temperature

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