Turtle – carnivore or herbivore?

Turtle – carnivore or herbivore?

ኤሊ - ሥጋ በል ወይስ አረም?

The answer to the question whether a turtle belongs to predators or herbivores depends on the specific species. Freshwater and marine representatives feed on animal food to a greater extent, and land turtles, on the contrary, on plant matter.

የእፅዋት ዝርያዎች

These are the majority of land turtles:

  • Central Asian;
  • mediterranean;
  • Indian;
  • Balkan;
  • ፓንደር;
  • Egyptian etc.

ኤሊ - ሥጋ በል ወይስ አረም?

95% of their menu is made up of plant foods: various weeds (clover, dandelions), vegetables and fruits. Therefore, these are herbivorous animals that only occasionally consume animal food. In captivity, land turtles are given some boiled chicken eggs (only protein) for a change.

The land tortoise is a herbivore representative of the animal world, since it cannot quickly run after prey and does not have sharp teeth. In addition, her digestive system cannot cope with the digestion of heavy animal food, and plants are the main source of nutrients, vitamins and moisture.


ኤሊ - ሥጋ በል ወይስ አረም?

These are almost all sea and freshwater turtles, which are also called carnivores:

  • ማርሽ;
  • red-eared;
  • leathery;
  • አረንጓዴ;
  • ወይራ;
  • Atlantic Ridley, etc.

ኤሊ - ሥጋ በል ወይስ አረም?

They are able to move quite quickly in water at a speed of 15-20 km / h and above. Therefore, such animals can grab small prey (crustaceans, fry, frogs, sometimes even pigeons walking along the shore) and tear it apart with their jaws and paws. The digestive system of predators is arranged differently, so they eat 80% animal food and 15% -20% plant food. Therefore, we can say that these are omnivorous animals.

What type are red-eared turtles

Red-eared turtles are also predators. They eat:

  • small fish;
  • caviar of fish and frogs;
  • tadpoles;
  • crustaceans (daphnia, bloodworm, coretra, etc.);
  • aquatic and air insects.

ኤሊ - ሥጋ በል ወይስ አረም? The share of animal feed in their diet reaches 80% or more. A small part of the menu is occupied by plant foods. The red-eared turtle sometimes feeds on duckweed, algae, and other aquatic grasses.

Is the turtle omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore?

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