Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

We all know that sharks are dangerous. But are they really that scary? In fact, this giant fish rarely attacks humans. In many ways, our interest in sharks is fueled by the media with countless reports and news, as well as films in which a group of people suddenly find themselves on the high seas, surrounded by sharks. Of course, in the movies, no one survives or only one survives, in real life the situation could have turned out quite differently …

Are you afraid of sharks? After you look at these miniature fish, for sure, your fear will be replaced by some other emotion – for example, tenderness. So, let’s find out which sharks are considered the smallest in the world – we present you their names and photos.

10 Horned — up to 150 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

Horned shark – a fish with great oddities, just look at it to understand this. The shark lives at shallow depths along the entire coastline of Australia, with the exception of the northern part. Lives for approximately 30 years. The size of the fish is small – rarely it exceeds 150 cm in length and 10 kg. in weight.

The multifunctional mouth of the horned shark surprises and at the same time frightens: dozens of front sharp teeth are designed for catching fish, the back of the jaw, where the big teeth are located, crushes the shells of mollusks, crabs, etc.

The shark does not choose how to satisfy its hunger – it consumes everything that comes across to it. The shape of the eggs of the horned shark is impressive! Seeing the masonry, you may not understand what it is.

9. Feline – up to 100 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

A shark with an interesting name and no less interesting appearance settles in shallow water, where it feeds on crustaceans and fry. The shark got its name for a reason – it has light-sensitive sensors (which are located near its charming and unusual eyes), with the help of which it senses electrical signals emanating from another living creature.

The color of the shark is gray-coal, dark spots are located on the body. Her body is quite slender and really flexible, like a cat. On average, the length of the shark is 75 cm, and it weighs 1,5 kg. Of course, compared to the big sharks, ጃጓር very small, so some even keep it in aquariums.

8. Pennant – up to 60 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

pennant shark (እሷ ነች "shark som"ወይም"pangasius”) has the greatest resemblance in appearance to a predator. In the natural environment, it reaches 1,5 m, and the home does not exceed 60 cm in length. This black fish is very shy, it is mobile and grows fast.

If the pangasius begins to rush about in a panic from side to side, then this is a clear sign that something frightened her. The pennant shark is very voracious – it enjoys eating special food, fish and squid.

Aquarists who are going to start a pennant shark in their aquarium should remember one thing – you can’t settle fry with it, because it will regard them as food.

7. Black – up to 50 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

ጥቁር ሻርክ – the fish is beautiful, and it can even be called graceful. She loves to eat very much, so if you do not feed her on time, she can attack her neighbor in the tank. Outwardly, the black shark may be similar to its predatory counterparts, but it has nothing to do with predators.

Two-color varieties of sharks – with a red tail, are distinguished by an aggressive character. There are also albinos – their body is almost completely transparent. In an artificial environment, the shark grows up to 50 cm, but only in favorable conditions. When conditions worsen, this is reflected in the appearance of the shark – it becomes lighter. Thus, she talks about her problems, which must be solved by the one who keeps her in the aquarium.

6. Barbed – up to 50 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

ይህ ቆንጆ። prickly shark (እሷ ነች "ታር“”) inhabits the waters of California, Australia, South Africa, etc. It lives at a depth of 100-200 m, but sometimes rises closer to the surface. Its dimensions are quite small – it does not exceed 1,5 cm in length, and there are smaller specimens – 40-50 cm.

The shark does not attack people, but if someone grabs her by the tail, she will not “be silent”, but will bite her offender. All prickly sharks (there are 26 species in total) have 2 dorsal fins, in front of which there are sharp spikes – they are a great danger to the diver, because they are covered with poisonous mucus. In the event of an “injection”, the victim may experience severe swelling.

5. Black two-tone – up to 50 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

Black bicolor shark, perhaps, can be called the most beautiful inhabitant of the home tank. She has a black-velvet body and a bright tail, which effectively stands out against the background of the body.

Aquarists, wanting to see this fish in their aquarium, are ready to forgive her for her character – the black shark is very aggressive and has a complex disposition. For this reason, it is undesirable to add other fish to it – most likely, the conflict cannot be avoided. With proper care, the black shark grows up to 50 cm in length.

4. Dwarf feline – up to 19 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

Cat sharks (aka “banded cat sharks”) have several subspecies. These babies inhabit the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Especially numerous off the coast of India and the Philippines. Prefers to stay near the bottom.

Externally, the shark has a slender and narrow body, it has a small and rounded head and characteristic large eyes. One of the smallest sharks, growing up, does not exceed 19 cm, but we are talking about females, males are even smaller – they have a body length of up to 16 cm. Food for pygmy shark serve even smaller bottom inhabitants – fry.

3. Dwarf lantern – up to 18 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

The oceans and seas of our planet are inhabited by various interesting creatures – some of them are formidable predators, others are overly touching, and still others are very ridiculous, like the Moon fish. To which group can pygmy lantern shark? We leave it up to you.

This baby is so small that it fits in the hand – the shark grows up to 18 cm in length. It lives in tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans at a depth of up to 10 meters.

Like all lantern sharks, it has glowing areas on its belly and fins – the fish uses them for camouflage at shallow depths, and at greater depths for hunting.

2. Dwarf prickly – up to 16 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

pygmy spiny shark found in all the oceans of the planet, except for the Arctic. Males do not exceed 15 cm in length, and females can grow a little more – up to 20 cm.

The pygmy shark has an elongated, spindle-shaped body, a pointed nose, and a long muzzle. Has bright big eyes. This baby feeds on various bottom fish, of course, which is even smaller than her own. According to observations, the spiny shark descends to a depth of 200-500 m to catch prey.

1. Blackfin – up to 15 cm

Top 10 smallest sharks in the world

It’s no surprise that aquarium visitors spend most of their time watching sharks – these frightening and beautiful predators instantly attract attention.

You can enjoy sharks (albeit small ones) at home if you equip an aquarium for them. Some are happy to have miniature sharks. ብላክፊን (እሷ ነች "malgash night") ሻርክ all the time is in motion – for breathing it needs a constant circulation of water through the gills, because the fish do not have gill covers.

Widespread in the Indo-Pacific. Shark skin is like sandpaper, so extensive deep damage to the skin cannot be avoided when in contact with it. The blackfin shark lives for about 30 years, growing up to 15 cm in length.

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