ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

Why do people keep turtles? Interest Ask. When you see cats and dogs in almost all families, you are very surprised if, answering the question whether there is an animal, they say: “Yes! I have a turtle! Water turtles are very interesting in keeping: they are very beautiful, among them there are more different species.

The turtle can be advised to those who really want a pet, but are not ready to devote much time to it. The turtle is an unpretentious animal, but what a beautiful one! She does not need to be walked, she is quite comfortable in her terrarium for a long time. And if she walks around the apartment, she will not spoil anything, unlike a cat or a dog.

Whether you want to buy a turtle for yourself as a pet or are just interested in the world around you, we suggest paying attention to our article. Here we have compiled a rating of the 10 most beautiful turtles. They are really cute!

10 Callaghur

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

There are many amazing turtles in the world, which are eagerly photographed by photographers, Callagur – one of them. This turtle looks very bright and even unusual, it comes in different colors: from light gray to cream. Refers to roofing species – that is, river, deep-sea. Likes to live in rivers.

This species has pronounced sexual dimorphism: the head of females is dark gray with orange edging, while the males are white with a wide red stripe, and they also have blue spots on the muzzle. You won’t get confused! Kallagur is an excellent swimmer, he can perform enviable pirouettes in the water! This species can be kept at home, for this you need a spacious aquaterrarium.

9. Texas diamond tortoise

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

As the name suggests, this species of turtle should be attractive enough to be considered. And there is. Texas diamond tortoise may surprise! Refers to those living beings of our planet, looking at which the thought arises: “Could mother nature create such a miracle?”.

This turtle prefers the eastern and southeastern coasts of the United States – hence the name. It feeds on mollusks, insects, but is not averse to eating fresh algae. The main distinguishing feature of the Texas tortoise is that its shell is as if painted by a master, it glitters and is covered with unusual patterns. This species also has subspecies, there are 7 of them.

8. leopard turtle

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

One of the most beautiful turtles has another name – Panther. This is a fairly large species of turtles, common in Africa. Males are very large – once even a specimen of 65,5 cm and weighing 43 kg was recorded! Jack lived in Africa in the Addo Elephant National Park.

Finding out who is in front of you – a male or a female, can be difficult. To do this, the turtle must be turned over. Males have a long tail, and the main background of the carapace is sandy yellow. Leopard turtle likes to live in semi-drought, in savannas – where there is dense vegetation. The basis of the turtle’s diet are herbs. It is quite possible to keep a turtle at home, but do not forget that young individuals especially need calcium.

7. Toad-headed turtle

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

Cats and dogs sometimes get bored, you want to bring in some exotic, and then the choice falls on the turtle. If you like to watch life in the water, then instead of fish it is better to start a turtle, but keep in mind that she needs to change the water 2 times a week. It is better to place the aquarium where you often are, so that the turtle gets used to you and ceases to be afraid.

ምርጥ ምግብ ለ toadhead red turtle (and other species) are snails. Many are tempted to buy a red tortoise due to its beautiful appearance, but keep in mind that caring for it is difficult. Basically, all the attention is attracted by the bright head of the turtle: the lower part is reddish-orange, cast in pink. But the red color may disappear with age.

6. Giant snake-necked turtle

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

The beauty of some creatures of our planet surprises and fascinates! Giant snake-necked turtle likes to settle in the lakes and rivers of Australia, there are 10 subspecies – all of them definitely deserve attention. The size of the turtle is small (body length is not more than 30 cm), the neck, if necessary, decreases under the shell.

The snake-necked turtle confidently moves on land, but can hold out on it for no more than three days. Then death occurs due to dehydration. The giant tortoise is often used as a pet – loving owners feed them with shellfish and small fish. At the time of the hunt, the turtle shows amazing speed – no, it does not move at lightning speed, but makes an amazing lunge with its neck.

5. spiny turtle

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

This turtle lives up to its name, given its appearance, but is harmless to humans. spiny turtle she could very well become the protector of some comic book superhero – she looks fabulous! Such a turtle is active at night, during the day it hides in thick grass and shrubs.

Alas, this species often attracts hunters – in Asia, everything that moves is a delicacy. The sharp teeth framing the shell are practically useless against people, but they are deadly against predators. In the wild, it feeds on everything that comes across. Despite the formidable appearance, the turtle has a rather calm disposition.

4. Carolina box turtle

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

This turtle is a terrestrial species because it avoids water. She lives in the USA, if someone helps her get into the water, she will be outraged by what is happening. Only prey makes her want to go down into the water. Carolina box turtle loves the dark and tries to stay in a quiet place, has a calm disposition.

Sensing danger, the turtle prefers to hide – by pulling its head in and tightly closing the valves, it becomes almost inaccessible even to the most dangerous predator. The box turtle, being irritated, does not like to hide it! With her appearance, she shows that she is ready to bite if something happens.

3. tuberculate turtle

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

Outwardly, this turtle is very small, its maximum size is 23 cm. Moreover, males are even smaller. Despite the size, she was able to master 2 aquatic environments at once: salty and fresh. To survive in open waters, the turtle needed to modernize its body. Its skin is much denser than that of other freshwater species, almost does not pass salt inside.

tuberculate turtle – worshiper of the rain. So she can stay at sea as long as possible and catch raindrops, which gives her the opportunity to quench her thirst. The turtle of this species prefers to live in the American southeastern states and Bermuda. Since turtle meat is very tasty, in the XNUMXth century they were the main food for European settlers.

2. Glazed trionyx

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

ኤሊ eyed trionyx – an amazing creation! It can run faster than a person, by the way, its image can be seen even on coins. In Japan it is considered sacred. Ocellated trionyx has other names: Far Eastern tortoise, Chinese trionyx. Thanks to strong paws and a soft shell, it swims incomparably!

In nature, she has chosen the territories of rivers and lakes, which are distinguished by a slow current. Trionix spends most of its life in water – it receives most of the oxygen through “pharyngeal breathing”. Active at night and in the evening, when danger arises, it hides in a pond or closes in clay underwater soil.

1. Hamilton turtle

ከፎቶዎች እና ስሞች ጋር በዓለም ላይ ያሉ 10 በጣም የሚያምሩ ኤሊዎች

This is a very beautiful turtle that you just want to photograph! You can see this in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Hamilton turtle has an elongated carapace, the plastron is quite large – it has dark spots and stripes. The skin is light with a lot of small spots.

A turtle of this species prefers to feast on snails, amphibians, and will never refuse fish. It was named for a reason, but in honor of the zoologist Francis Bukinan-Hamilton (1762–1829). The turtle has an insanely beautiful shell – it seems that the artist has worked.

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