ምርጥ 10 በጣም ቆንጆ ሻርኮች

ምርጥ 10 በጣም ቆንጆ ሻርኮች

At the word “shark” many people imagine a monster ready to devour everything in its path. But did these underwater predators deserve such an angry attitude? After all, not all of them are dangerous, and they are unlikely to harm anyone if you do not enter their territory.

The shark is considered the perfect aquatic animal and is worshiped in many areas of the Solomon Islands. In these places, the ancient cult of worship of sharks has been preserved, in which, according to beliefs, the souls of ancestors are infused.

Sharks are distributed throughout the oceans and climatic zones. Some of them are so beautiful that once again it gives reason to speculate about how amazing our nature is! Let’s just look at the most beautiful species of sharks to our Mother Earth.

10 ነብር

የት ነው ሚኖረው? Tropical and subtropical waters.

ነብር ሻርክ – one of the most beautiful and most dangerous, is a predatory fish: it can attack marine mammals, watching for the weak from the depths. The tiger shark doesn’t know what pity is…

All living things for her are something that you can hunt for. She attacks crabs, shellfish, etc. Those who live with her are unlucky … The tiger shark is a large species with a brightly aggressive behavior.

The shark got its name due to the dark stripes and spots covering the bodies of “minor” fish. This name also reflects all the cruelty of the species – this shark is the 3rd deadliest after the bull and great white.

9. ነብር

የት ነው ሚኖረው? Pacific coast of North America.

This shark is immediately recognizable by its characteristic features, namely the bright pattern of black saddle marks and large spots on the back. Leopard shark – not the most famous, largely due to the limited habitat.

This beauty prefers the Pacific coast of North America, during the warm months you can meet representatives of this species in bays and smaller ones, such as La Jolla, especially during the breeding season.

The leopard shark is very soft and thin, this species likes to live in packs where it feels safe. This species is completely non-aggressive – when people approach, it prefers to swim away. Lives for about 30 years.

8. caribbean reef

የት ነው ሚኖረው? Western Atlantic and the Caribbean.

For a person who does not understand sharks, a meeting with Caribbean reef fish can become awesome, because its height is 10 m, and its weight is 80 kg. However, the Caribbean reef shark is completely harmless to humans.

The case when appearances are deceiving. Many divers eagerly feed this species of sharks, and then they like to swim next to them. In addition to safety for humans, the Caribbean shark is distinguished by its love of sleep.

In caves at the bottom of the sea, the reef shark can sleep for quite a long time. Another interesting fact about this beauty of the underwater world is that a flock of small fish always swims next to it, relieving it of parasites. In response, the fish receive protection.

7. Sawnosed

የት ነው ሚኖረው? Warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Outwardly, this shark looks fabulous – fantasy films about the underwater kingdom immediately appear. But sawnose shark not a movie character at all, but a real-life fish that prefers warm waters.

The sawnose shark includes many subspecies, which are united by a common feature – an elongated nose with teeth on the sides. This nose is needed to catch and kill prey. But what shakes a person – for him a shark is not harmful.

But you should not relax anyway – if the shark senses danger, it can inflict serious wounds on a person. Throughout history, there have been no cases of sawnose sharks attacking people. Small individuals of the species stay in shallow water, while adults prefer depths of up to 40 m or more.

6. ሰማያዊ

የት ነው ሚኖረው? Worldwide in deep temperate and tropical waters.

ሰማያዊ ሻርክ – one of the most beautiful! It can be found everywhere in the oceans. There are several versions regarding the aggressiveness of the species. Some believe that a person should not approach them, others that this species is so lazy that it does not even want to attack.

The blue (aka blue) shark has an impressive size. The body is slender and elongated, the appearance is consistent with the name. The back of the shark is painted in a bright blue color, close to ultramarine. The belly shines with perfect whiteness!

The common food of representatives of this species is schooling fish: herring, mackerel, sardines and more. The blue shark has an excellent sense of smell, so it can smell blood and prey from a distance.

5. የሜዳ አህያ

የት ነው ሚኖረው? Tropical and subtropical waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Almost no oceanarium is complete without a plump fish with a spotted color – you have to delight the public! A guide or sign tells you that this beautiful fish is called የሜዳ አህያ ሻርክwhich doesn’t look much like a shark.

From various programs and films, we know that the shark is a dangerous, predatory aquatic animal, but there are other species. The zebra shark likes to lie on the bottom most of the time, is not aggressive towards humans and eats seafood from a regular store.

The zebra shark has a spotted color – this “outfit” perfectly camouflages it on the seabed, so it only needs to choose the right ground and merge with the situation. Light stripes on the body are present mainly in young animals, and with age they are replaced by small spots like leopard ones.

4. የጊዜ መስመር

የት ነው ሚኖረው? Seas along the European coast; African shores.

Due to the attractive appearance and miniature size, this beauty often becomes a pet. There are few representatives of this species – only 160, and they all have one feature in common – the shape of the head.

But why is the shark called that? What does she have in common with cats? cat shark sees well in the dark and is a predator. Her eyes are very bright, characteristic: large and bulging. In length, the cat shark rarely exceeds one and a half meters, and weighs no more than 15 kg.

This fish prefers loneliness and shallow depth – it rarely descends deeper than 150 m. The cat shark is not a schooling fish. You can often see this species in public institutions like the oceanarium – the shark is in demand, because it is unpretentious in content and, of course, attracts with its appearance.

3. መዶሻ

የት ነው ሚኖረው? Tropical and warm temperate waters of all oceans.

መዶሻ (in other words hammer) the shark looks unusual. Not everyone will call her beautiful, but there are connoisseurs of the exotic. Her eccentric appearance is surprising, mixed with fear, because it seems that she swam out of some surreal movie!

The hammerhead shark lives in the waters of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. He likes to stay in coastal areas and scare the locals with his appearance. This species hunts in a flock, and when it fills the abdomen, it swims away from relatives.

This species of shark is quite aggressive; cases of attacks on humans have been recorded. A distinctive feature from other sharks is the head. It is flattened and elongated on the sides. Scientists are still arguing why she has such a head shape …

2. ዓሣ ነባሪ

የት ነው ሚኖረው? in tropical seas.

There are many amazing fish in the world, and sharks are of great interest. የዓሣ ነባሪ ሻርክ It is called so because of its size, among the existing fish it is the largest: the length of its body is 20 m, and it weighs 35 tons.

Despite its gigantic size, the whale shark is safe for humans; since 2016, this species has been listed in the Red Book. There are many who want to swim next to whale sharks, which can be done at any time of the year, the main thing is to know where to do it. And there are more than 10 places scattered around the globe.

In addition to size, the whale shark attracts attention with its color: it is grayish, bluish or brownish on top, has a “checkerboard” pattern on the surface of creamy white spots. The belly is white. This coloration persists throughout life.

1. የሲጋራ ክፍል

የት ነው ሚኖረው? Temperate, tropical waters.

እንደዚያ ማለት አይቻልም የሲጋራ ሻርክ – gorgeous. Yes, she is very attractive and cute due to her small size (her body length does not even reach 60 cm), but she boasts teeth that even the big white does not have!

This fish has unique teeth located on the lower jaw. They are triangular, and due to these teeth, the cigar shark is very dangerous. She clings to the flesh of the victim and gnaws its pieces. If a fish has caught its prey, it will never let it go.

There were also cases when this shark attacked people. As a rule, the cigar shark hunts in a flock, swimming to the surface of the water at night. The life expectancy of a shark of this species is 20-30 years.

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