Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

Psychologists believe that strong attachment is not the best habit, but dogs are prone to this. How many stories about how a dog lost its owner and did not want to believe in it … Recall the same popular story about Hachiko, Naida (the dog was waiting for the owner by the road for 12 years), the Captain, who literally settled at the grave of the owner.

When you get a dog, make sure you can give it care, love, devotion. The family in which the dog lives, she perceives as her pack, and the owner as her leader. It is very difficult for dogs to forgive betrayal – if the one whom they considered “theirs” suddenly turns out to be a stranger, then there is a risk of making an enemy for themselves …

If the decision to get a dog is considered, and you understand all the difficulties that you will have to face (and they always exist), our list will be very useful for you – we have included the best dog breeds for a family with children.

10 Collie

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

ምንም እንኳን ያንን ጥንቸል – a very beautiful dog, lately it is almost invisible … Or do the owners hide their pets so well? Previously, collies could be seen in almost every yard, today other breeds are in fashion: huskies, small breeds and others.

If you are not someone who blindly follows fashion, and you want to get a family, kind dog, choose a collie. This is a very friendly, kind breed, intelligent and smart. This dog is an aristocrat, both externally and internally.

Having got a collie, you will be provided with kindness, protection, attention. She does not forgive if someone raises her voice or treats her master badly. Of course, the collie’s coat will still have to tinker with, but even she likes it!

9. ኒውፋውንድላንድ

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

በአጠቃላይ, ኒውፋውንድላንድ – A beautiful dog with a good disposition. Yes, and her appearance causes a kind smile – how funny! The Newfoundland is a very sociable dog breed, loving games, communication, while her character is calm.

Newfoundland prefers to sleep for most of the day. Sleep or just lie down – if the latter, then he likes to examine the situation. The dog is completely harmless, it gets along well with other animals. He is very attached to his family and misses his owners.

A dog of this breed has its own opinion on everything – if she doesn’t want something, you can’t force her to do it. Its intelligence is compared with the intelligence of a 3-year-old child – the breed is very smart, it can be trained in various commands.

8. ደም ማፍሰስ

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

It is not for nothing that the bloodhound was chosen as a bloodhound in the Sherlock series, however, it is not suitable for everyone. The fact is that this breed is calm, even too much … It is hardly suitable for an active family. She can just sit down and do nothing. And sit for so long.

The face of the Bloodhound shows that we have a difficult comrade in front of us! The dog is not suitable for keeping in an apartment – it is suitable for a family with its own plot, because it needs forays into nature, walks.

The most ideal thing for a Bloodhound is to work. By the way, in America this breed of dog is used in rescue services, it easily finds lost things and people … From life in an apartment, the Bloodhound can start to go crazy with boredom: raise the floor, stir up furniture. It’s not worth the risk.

7. ዋልታ

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

ዋልታ – the dog, of course, is very bright, remarkable, but is it suitable for a family? If you believe the reviews of those who say: “This is the best dog to keep in an apartment”, then yes, definitely! Poodles are very friendly, love to play, wag their tail!

The Miniature Poodle is ideal for family and apartment living. Their coat does not shed, the poodle gets along well with all family members, including children. This is one of the smartest breeds – according to statistics, it can recognize up to 200 words.

The poodle is an obedient dog, easy to train. But the poodle also has a sore spot – wool. It needs to be constantly combed and cut – can you handle it? For poodles, there are several types of haircuts, but after pointing the marafet, this breed is always ready for photography.

6. የቢግል

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

The owners name the breed እስከታችኛው – a miracle, but it also has many shortcomings. For many, a beagle is a dream, and according to some owners, “it would be better if it remained a dream.” But let’s start with the positives. The Beagle is playful, loves children, walks, has a cute appearance.

Of the minuses – the absolute disregard for commands on walks. At home, she listens to commands for snacks, but on the street she doesn’t listen to her owners (God forbid let her off the leash, she won’t come back!) The second minus is that the beagle is an omnivorous dog, she doesn’t care what they put in her mouth: bird droppings or a children’s toy …

And also, in order for the dog to go to the toilet on the street, the place must be well cleaned. This is such a picky breed. But if you want to take a risk, try it. In general, this is a cheerful, friendly dog ​​that will always support the idea of ​​outdoor activities.

5. ቦስተን ቴሬየር

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

ዶግ ቦስተን ቴሬየር – one of the most popular breeds. Ideal for keeping in an apartment: small, clean, does not emit an unpleasant odor. But the dog needs active walks, otherwise it will start to misbehave at home!

Are you an athlete? Excellent! The Boston Terrier will accompany you on a walk. Family with children? It’s great too! Children will run with her, play until they drop. The dog of this breed is very loving, finds a common language both with children and with other animals.

The Boston Terrier loves to be the center of attention and can endlessly cuddle with his owners. He can learn different tricks with a bang, loves to learn. In appearance, the dog looks like a boxer, very smart and always able to surprise with something.

4. Ugግ

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

You could often see such a dog on the street or on social networks, because it is very popular. What can I say – if you want to get into the trend, you can also get such a dog! Plus, it’s perfect for families.

Ugግ very smart, gets along well with other animals (if you have a cat, do not be afraid of a fight!) and is able to travel long distances in a car. The dog is kind, but not very fond of children, although you may be lucky.

Pugs are suitable for people of any age, give a lot of happiness and laughter! However, keep in mind – the dog requires a lot of money and care. Walking, for example, you need to ensure that the pug does not overheat. At night, he amuses the owners with funny snoring.

3. ዌልሽ ኮርጊ

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

ዌልሽ ኮርጊ – a dog to which you will definitely become attached. It will become your faithful, beloved and reliable friend. They are considered small collies or shepherd dogs, they appeared in Russia relatively recently, but they have already managed to win love!

By nature, the Welsh Corgi is affectionate and kind, originally considered herding dogs. This breed has one feature – Welsh Corgis love to eat, so they are often diagnosed with obesity.

For a dog of this breed, walks are very important: she needs to walk and run a lot – again because of the possibility of obesity. Up to 6 months, the Welsh cannot go down and up the stairs (it is better to carry it on your hands). The dog loves attention, if there is none, then he begins to look for ways to have fun – do not be surprised if your furniture suffers.

2. ወርቃማ ብጉር

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

Kind, funny, but infantile dog ወርቃማ ብጉር even when he grows up, he remains a puppy. Perhaps her infantilism is what touches potential buyers. Having matured, the dog does not lose its childish spontaneity, remaining foolish.

It takes a lot of effort to bring the golden retriever to rudeness, the dog is very kind and always treats people positively – even strangers. The Golden Retriever is a calm dog, but if it is overwhelmed with emotions, for example, from hunger, then it can go crazy!

This breed loves people and interacting with them. Of the minuses – the dog always needs to be combed out, taken out for express molting, constantly vacuumed. It should be borne in mind that the breed often has diseases, for example, dysplasia, so you need to ask the breeder for tests for diseases.

1. ላብራዶር።

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

ላብራዶር። considered an ideal dog for the home, but it should be borne in mind that it is very mobile. A dog of this breed is able to bring a great mood to the house and become a wonderful friend to all family members!

This is a very kind, positive dog, besides it shows high intelligence. Labrador is a dog that loves to show affection, and can gain confidence in absolutely any person in a short time.

Families definitely recommend it for purchase. But this breed also has disadvantages – if the owners leave for a long time, the dog begins to get bored and, as a result, seek entertainment for itself, as a result, furniture and things suffer … The Labrador is not just a sweet and kind dog, she loves everyone, including children.

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