How to find a hamster in the apartment if he escaped from the cage

How to find a hamster in the apartment if he escaped from the cage

Hamsters are mobile, interesting animals. They love to travel, and when there is an opportunity to get out of the cage, they will try to do it. Almost all rodent owners are faced with escapes, so you need to know how to find a hamster in an apartment if he escaped from the cage. The fugitive can harm himself – by negligence, you can step on him, injure his paw, the pet may fall. Hamsters often gnaw on wires, personal belongings of the owners, thereby causing damage to apartment property. If one rodent escaped, the harm would not be significant, but what if the whole family? So, the hamster is gone, it needs to be quickly found and caught.

Animals escape through the fault of hamster breeders:

  •  during active games outside the cage;
  •  in the process of cleaning the cell;
  •  the hamster can escape if the cage is not working properly, for example, the twig is bent, the bottom does not close tightly.

Try to find the hamster at home as soon as possible, otherwise you will have to explain to the children where their pet has disappeared and is in an awkward situation.

What to do if the hamster ran away?

How to find a hamster in the apartment if he escaped from the cageFinding that the little friend has set off on a journey, try to find the place where he hid. The search for a fugitive begins with cleaning up potentially dangerous things – cleaning mousetraps, chemicals, if an animal can get to them on its way. At the time of the search, it is very important to take other animals (cats and dogs) out of the apartment.

If there are several rooms in the apartment, examine all the rooms by closing the doors – this will not allow the animal to run from room to room. When closing and opening doors, try not to crush the baby. To simplify the search, create silence – turn off the TV, ask the household to be silent, thereby helping you figure out the whereabouts of the fugitive. Although hamsters are secretive animals, whose activity increases at night, small objects can come across on their way – the rodent creates a certain rustle and gives itself away.

Important: hamsters are nocturnal animals, so if you have been looking for a fugitive all day to no avail, wait until the evening. The night will make the animal declare itself, because at this time of day it is very active. Being in a cage, hamsters love to spin the wheel, and on the “freedom” to explore everything that can attract attention.

If you still decide not to wait for the night, but to look for the loss “in hot pursuit”, explore the space near the cage: perhaps the hamster got out and lay down to rest under a toy, furniture and any other items. The rodent should be looked for in secluded places where he can sleep off all day. The small size of the animal allows him to climb into the most unexpected places.

To find a hamster in a private house, it is important not to let him run away into the street, where he will not be able to be caught. What to do if the hamster is lost in the apartment, not every lover of these pretty animals knows. It is very important to block the exit to the balcony for the little bastard – a large space hides many dangers.

baiting a hamster

It is difficult to figure out what to do if a hamster ran away. In a large house or apartment, where there is a lot of furniture, appliances and other things, it is easier to lure him out. They do this with the help of delicacies – seeds, walnuts, vegetables. The difficulty lies in the fact that if the house is large, traps with goodies will have to be placed all over the place.How to find a hamster in the apartment if he escaped from the cageex rooms. If you are sure that the hamster has just escaped, put treats in the room where he was before the escape.

A hamster trap with treats will help to lure out the fugitive after a while. After walking around the apartment all day, the rodent will begin to feel hungry and go to the food. When the runaway starts eating and you notice him, you will need a bucket – cover the hamster and he is practically in your hands!

It is inconvenient to stay near the trap all day, so treats can be put in boxes, jars, and other recesses. The easiest way is to make bait out of the box: the dzhungar will need a small one, the Syrian one will need more, because it is the largest. It is important to make sure that the hamster can easily get to goodies: build steps or a hill. You can make a path of seeds or bread crumbs in the room, which will lead the fugitive to a trap. You may be able to catch a little pet when he eats all this.

How to find a hamster in the apartment if he escaped from the cageFor such a trap, you can use a bucket, only a shallow one, so that the hamster does not hurt himself when he “gets on the hook.” You already know how to make a trap for a hamster, the principle of its operation is simple: the animal starts looking for goodies, falls into the box and cannot get out of it. For especially cautious rodents, a bucket or box can be covered with a sheet of paper and seeds can be placed on it, under the weight of which the sheet will not bend. The advantage of the trap is that you go about your business, and the fugitive “goes” into your hands.

Where to look for a hamster?

The hamster loves the secluded places of the room – they need to be carefully explored, but do it quietly so that the small How to find a hamster in the apartment if he escaped from the cagethe friend did not run farther or hide even better. If the fugitive is not found in the next half hour or you do not know when the hamster escaped from the cage, tricks will help you find it. Deliberately lay upturned boxes on the floor, objects that you can climb into, like pipes – so the fugitive will be easier to catch and return to the cage. Hamster breeders are advised to pick up food from the floor (crumbs, bowls of cats, etc.), otherwise the traveler will walk even longer.

To the question of what to do if your beloved hamster escaped, you can give an unequivocal answer – start searching right away. The animal will not bring significant harm to the repair, rather it will suffer itself, because it was left alone with a huge room – it can eat harmful things or be accidentally crushed by household members.

Real case

How to find a hamster in the apartment if he escaped from the cageA case from practice: a hamster ran away at night, the owners noticed the loss in the morning. Due to the fact that the homa was spinning in the wheel at midnight, its cage was taken out for the night to the room where the repairs were being carried out. It is easy to get lost here, there are a lot of building materials, boxes, unnecessary things – this room is a paradise for a hamster. The owners noticed the escape and started searching from this room, although they did not know exactly when their pet disappeared. It didn’t take long to search – the hamster was found in twisted old linoleum, which imitated a long pipe – here the jungarik slept sweetly. The rodent did not have time to escape far, and the owners did not have to do something supernatural to help the hamster find his home again. Not far from the “linoleum pipes” was a package with apples brought the day before. Several fruits fell on the floor and the dzhungarik ate one of them. Thanks to this fact, and the knowledge that their pet loves to sit in the pipes, the owners thought of looking into the twisted linoleum.

To make the hamster less likely to get lost, try to make the cage as secure as possible, because hamsters love to run away!

How to prevent escape?

It doesn’t matter if you have a Dzungarian or Syrian hamster, he can run away at the first opportunity. Some hamster breeders recommend training their pets, trying to make them tame. In order to help a hamster make friends with a person, you need to be careful not to scare the baby, otherwise he may try to run away right out of your hands. To tame the animal, take it regularly on the handles, but do it carefully and when the hamster is active, not sleeping.

Perhaps you have your own method of how to find a runaway hamster in an apartment, share with readers!

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