7 oldest turtles in the world

7 oldest turtles in the world

It is generally accepted that turtles are long-livers among animals. However, this opinion was formed under the influence of isolated cases. We are talking about turtles of large sizes, that is, the larger it is in size, the longer its life. On average, small turtles live a little – 50 years, medium-sized turtles – 80, and large Seychellois can survive their owner – they live about 200 years! If you do not want to experience the bitterness of losing your beloved pet, you should definitely get a large turtle.

የሚገርም ግን እውነት፡- The sex of a turtle is controlled by the temperature at which the egg is incubated. If this process takes place at 28 degrees, then boys will be born, and if it is above 31, then girls will be born. Turtles are quite adaptive reptiles, and perhaps the only place on Earth where you definitely won’t meet them is Antarctica. But there is a lot of things / who you will not meet yet, except for turtles!

This list has been compiled for entertainment and educational purposes. Let’s find out about the oldest turtles in the world that are in the Book of Records.

7. Kiki, 146 years old

7 oldest turtles in the world

Turtle named Kiki died in 2009. The male lived up to 146 years in one of the zoos in Paris. It was brought by a naturalist to France, according to data, in 1932. At the time of the settlement, Kiki was already quite an adult.

Perhaps Kiki would have lived longer, continuing to delight visitors to the zoo, but grief happened. Kiki developed an intestinal infection, which led to the death of the animal. At the time of death, the turtle weighed 250 kg. Throughout his life, Kiki was known as an enterprising cavalier – he sought to care for females with great zeal, for which he began to be respected and loved by the French zoo guests and staff.

6. Timothy, 160


7 oldest turtles in the world

ጢሞቴዎስ – the heroine of the Crimean war! Members of the ship “Queen” considered her their talisman. This ship took part in the fighting during the siege of Sevastopol in 1854. Timothy led an almost heroic life for a turtle, according to historian George Cardew.

For a long time, the tortoise lived in the British Isles, and spent hours in the gardens of Powderham Castle. For a long time it was believed that Timothy is a male, however, it turned out that this is a female. The turtle died at the age of 160, which saddened the manager of Powderham Castle and his staff. Timothy had a busy life – the turtle managed to visit East India, China, and after retiring, he found his refuge in one estate.

5. Harrietta, 175 years old

7 oldest turtles in the world

In 2006, Zoo Australia said goodbye to a long-lived tortoise that died at the age of 175. ለሞት መንስኤ a heart attack, a veterinarian who worked at the Queensland Zoo came to this conclusion. No one ever found out exactly how old she was, but thanks to DNA tests, it was possible to establish her approximate age.

It is assumed that in 1835 Garrietta along with another individual, she was taken to the UK – at that time she was tiny in size, so she was set to be no more than 6 years old. In 1841, three animals were brought to the Australian Garden, and after its closure in 1952, Harriet was released into a conservation area. For the turtle, with great pleasure, they found a place in the Australian zoo.

4. Jonathan, 184

7 oldest turtles in the world

This gentleman of advanced age has seen much in his life! He saw how cars and light bulbs appeared, how the Eiffel Tower was built and a skyscraper towering into the sky. ዮናታን – an amazing turtle. The male was brought to Saint Helena back in 1882.

The name was not chosen by chance – the turtle, without hesitation, was named after Spencer Davis, who served as governor of the island. In 2020, Jonathan celebrated his 184th birthday. Despite his advanced age, blindness from cataracts and loss of smell, he remains cheerful and full of energy! However, sometimes he turns over the benches in the garden and snorts at people – you have to show who is the boss here! On average, turtles of the Testudinipae cytodira species live 150 years, it turns out that Jonathan lives longer than his species should, it is not surprising that he got into the Book of Records.

3. Tui Malila, 189-192

7 oldest turtles in the world

Tui Malila – a turtle originally from Madagascar, which they love to mention when creating lists of “the oldest animals on the planet.” According to unofficial documents, Tui Malila was presented in 1777 to the leader by the navigator James Cook. In 1965 she was 192 years old. Other data say that she was no more than 189 years old. There is no exact information.

Reptile lived in the royal family of Tonga 189-192 and died in 1965. Translated into Tongan, her name means “King Malila”. In 1953, Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited the island and Tui Malila was showcased by Queen Salote Tupou III as “the oldest inhabitant of the kingdom”. A stuffed turtle is kept in the National Museum on the island of Tongatapu.

2. Advaita, 150-255 years old

7 oldest turtles in the world

Before returning to India, in 1767, Lord Clive was given an unusual gift by British soldiers – a turtle. አድቫይታ. At first she lived in the garden and enjoyed its heavenly views, and in 1875 she was settled in the Zoological Garden, which is located in Calcutta.

This long-liver left the world in 2006. It is assumed that the turtle lived for about 150-255 years (no one knows the exact date). According to the zoo, Advaita was not feeling well in the last few days of her life. They decided to leave her shell for examination to establish the exact age and just as a keepsake, because several generations of Indians loved her so much! The turtle was very popular and attracted a large number of visitors to the zoo.

1. Samira, 270-315 years old

7 oldest turtles in the world

ሳራራ – one of the oldest turtles. She lived 270-315 years (the exact years of her life are unknown). She belonged to the breed of Galapagos tortoises. Samir said goodbye to life at the Cairo Zoo, as the staff explains, she died of natural causes – from old age.

Samira was presented as a gift to the zoo in 1891 by King Farouk, who was known for his love of exotic animals. The last days of his life, the turtle lost the ability to move, it just sat in one place. It hurts to watch how a living being gradually goes out, and you can’t do anything to help. She ended her life in Egypt, and has seen a lot in her life. Most importantly, the turtle was surrounded by kind people.

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