10 oldest cats in the world

10 oldest cats in the world

Nowadays, almost every family has a cat – even if not, almost everyone treats the four-legged fluffy with tenderness and even some kind of delight. It is hard to believe that once cats did not get along with people, but there were such times … The process of domestication began approximately 10 years ago – evidence of this was found in different parts of the globe. During excavations in Egypt, archaeologists discovered cat remains next to human fragments. This suggests that at that time cats were already domesticated.

These four-legged pets are distinguished by their wayward character, bright appearance, and grace. Living next to a person, they do not cease to maintain their freedom. It is not surprising that many people want to see a cat in their home – an interesting and beautiful animal. Sometimes they show unusual abilities – there have been cases when cats fell from 7-8 floors and remained alive. Despite such miracles, do not neglect the care of your pet. “A cat has 9 lives” is a beautiful belief, but not always believable.

What do old cats look like? Where do they (live) live? You will learn about this in our article. We have collected the oldest cats of our planet – we hope you enjoy spending time with short stories!

10 Kitty – 31 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

Our selection is opened by Kitty – a graceful cat who lived in the west in the central part of England – in the county of Staffordshire. It is worth noting that this name suited her very well. The fluffy Englishwoman lived to be 31 years old – long enough for a cat! Its owner was a certain D. Johnson. Looking at her, it immediately becomes clear that Kitty received proper care and was in caring hands. By the way, in England they love animals very much and treat them as full members of the family. Despite her age, Kitty was able to give birth to two kittens at the age of 30, which deserves respect.

9. Natmeg – 31 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

Another representative of the “cats”, who lived to be 31 years old. Looking to visit his future owners, he did not yet suspect that he would live here! Natmeg (translated from English as “Nutmeg”) loved to travel in the company of his friend – a cat, and visit his owners’ house. The family could not help but pay attention to a serious cat with a persistent character. It was decided – he will become a member of the family! In recent years, Natmega had only 3 teeth left and he was no longer happy with adventure walks … When the cat died of old age – at 31, his owners were very upset by the loss – the spouses did not have their own children, and the cat replaced them with a child.

8. Whiskey – 31 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

A cat with an unusual name – Whiskey, lived for 31 years, but she had a hard life … At the age of 5, Whiskey felt all the symptoms of the disease – she faced a disease of the musculoskeletal system (with this disease, mobility and motor skills are limited). Her owner had already lost all hope that Whiskey would be able to live with her for at least a few more years, but thanks to her strong desire and love for the cat, she was able to leave her – this beauty lived for 31 years, surrounded by warmth and love.

7. Sasha – 32 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

In 1991, Sasha found a house and a mistress. The cat was found in poor condition and had health problems. The woman could not close her eyes to the misfortune of the cat and took her to her. Wanting to bring the cat back to life, she plentifully fed and cared for her. A little later, Sasha needed a serious operation – the hostess was scared, but everything ended well! Sasha survived and lived, surrounded by care, for 32 years. During her life, the cat faced various diseases, but, fortunately, thanks to a caring hostess, she always recovered.

6. Sarah – 33 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

The gray and white cat lived for over 33 years, gaining fame. She became famous as “New Zealand’s oldest cat”. One can only guess how loved her owners. Look at her interesting eyes that betray her serious character! Probably Sarah was a wayward cat.

An interesting fact: in New Zealand, a kleptomaniac cat was declared – in 2 months she stole at least 60 items of men’s underwear. She stored her trophies in the backyard of her master’s house. The cat Brigit showed her passion before, when she lived with her owners in another city. I wonder why she was so attracted to things from the men’s wardrobe?

5. Mic Mac — 33 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

It is possible that Mitz Matz would have lived longer if he had not been euthanized by mistake in Switzerland. The cat was considered the oldest representative of the “cat”, he lived for 33 years. Veterinarians euthanized him, mistaking him for a homeless animal, although this was not the case. For a long time this fluffy cat lived at the railway station in Tegervilen commune – the station staff loved Mitz Matz, took care of him and fed him.

Once Mitz Matz decided to go for a walk outside the station – a woman passing by took the cat to the veterinarian, mistaking him for a homeless person. After examining the animal, the clinic specialist decided to euthanize the cat. The news of this caused shock to those who cared for Mitz Matz. The employees of the veterinary clinic did not feel guilty, saying that the cat was already very old: he could hardly see, his ears and teeth ached.

4. Missan – 34 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

Missan’s owner, Osa Vikberg, found her pet in the south of Sweden – near the town of Karlskoga, in 1985, when he was still a very small kitten. Years passed, the cat grew up, remaining healthy. The hostess at that time did not understand that her cat was a champion! But one day Wasp read a passage in the newspaper, which spoke with admiration about a cat younger than Missan. Then the hostess thought about the fact that her pet also has the right to claim the title of “the oldest cat” … The hostess said that Missan is a loner, she is shy, but loves dogs.

3. Grandpa Rex Allen – 34 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

A very interesting name for a cat that was born in 1964. In 1996 he died at the age of 34. The Sphinx was found on the street and brought to the Travis County Shelter (located in Texas), from where it was taken by cat owner Jake Perry in the 70s. He tried to find the owners of a thoroughbred cat – he succeeded, but Madame Sulinaberg went to Paris without finding her pet in the area (she accidentally forgot to close the front door when she left the house. The cat ran out at that moment). She agreed to keep the cat with Jake.

Rex Allen could only dream of such a master of Grandpa! Jake always cooked his favorite food (for breakfast, the cat adored scrambled eggs and ham, asparagus and coffee). The long-lived cat appeared on television, in newspapers, and feasts were arranged on the occasion of his birthday. Rex Allen lived a long, rich life!

2. Cream Puff – 38 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

Translated from English, Cream Puff means “cream puff”. The cat with an interesting name lived to be 38 years old. Her owner was also Jake Perry, a cat owner from Texas. More than once, his cats set records for life expectancy. He loves cats very much and is great at taking care of them. Many believe that the longevity of cats is due to their nutrition – Jake feeds them only healthy food. Interestingly, he gave Cream Puff turkey, bacon, and even wine, explaining that cats need to cleanse blood vessels and control blood pressure. Jake also makes coffee for the cats and turns on the TV for them.

Unfortunately, Creme Puff died in 2005, but you can be sure that she lived a happy life, surrounded by care and love.

1. Lucy – 43 years old

10 oldest cats in the world

It’s hard to believe, but Lucy lived for 43 years (by human standards, it’s about 180 years old!) Despite her age, the cat did not stop actively running and even catching mice! This legendary cat lived in Wales and died in 2015. The long-liver lived with Bill Thomas, who took her into his custody. Thomas took Lucy already an adult, but he had no idea that so much! When he took her to the vets, they were amazed by the fact that Lucy was born 40 years ago. The only thing the cat had problems with was hearing, but this is completely normal at this age.

ሳቢ እውነታ: some breeds are long-lived. Thai live up to 20 years – this breed is very smart, inquisitive and easy to train. Also, a Siamese cat can be attributed to long-livers – it is willingly turned on because of its external beauty, but, in addition, it also lives for more than 12 years. Another cat is the Asian Shorthair, which can live for more than 20 years, the peculiarity of the breed is that it gets along well with other animals in the same house. The Japanese Bobtail and Asian Shorthair are also long-lived and have their own interesting features. Bobtail, for example, loves to swim, and the Asian is very attached to the owner and is characterized by increased “talkativeness”.

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